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14 Ways a Solid Registration Tool Is Your Key to Event Success

When it comes to event registration, we’ve got just one thing to say to all the hardworking event pros and marketers out there: You’ve come a long way!

Okay, that’s a lie. Wait — it is true that event organizers have seriously upped their registration ante since the days of manually entering attendees into spreadsheets and welcoming guests with written sign-in logs. It’s just that (as usual) we have a lot more to say about the matter.

The latest event tech advances are helping savvy pros work smarter instead of harder. The good news is that pricing for a solid event registration tool doesn’t have to be out of reach, nor does a full-featured platform need to be hard to set up.

The bad news? Well, if you follow the tips listed in the 14 scenarios below, there is no bad news. Keep calm and event reg on folks; here are actionable ways an event registration solution can help take your attendee experience to the next level:

1. Make registration easy for attendees.

Show prospective event participants you value their time by offering a painless, digital registration experience from the comfort of their desktop or mobile phone.

Event registration tip 1

If you’ve already gotten a prospect to your event registration page, you’ve won half the battle! Make it easy for them to navigate by choosing a platform that features clean design and lots of options for personalization.

2. Save your event team’s time & sanity.

An intuitive registration platform allows event pros to set up and manage the entire event registration process quickly and easily, then get back to focusing on other tasks.

Event registration tip 2

An event registration system that offers a wizard-style, step-by-step builder will empower even the least tech-savvy event pro to create a highly-converting registration page in 30 minutes or less, then preview it before launch. Next!

3. All the bells, none of the bottlenecks.

A registration platform that is easy to set up out of the box — and simple for event organizers to use — alleviates the need for IT support and ensures a quick kick-off.

Event registration tip 3

Word to the wise: Beware of complex registration solutions that do not offer easy access to user support, require additional design resources or depend upon lots of coding work. Because let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for that.

4. Let attendees select and manage sessions in seconds.

A well-honed Session Registration feature empowers event organizers to help participants navigate jam-packed agendas and quickly choose the right sessions. What’s more, it should instantly sync with your event app and be manageable in either location.

Event registration tip 4

The Session Registration feature should make it a breeze for attendees to view and modify their schedule selections independently in-app, without tons of heavy lifting by the event organizer (save the heavy lifting for your event teardown).

The attendee view of Attendify’s Session Registration feature.

5. Showcase your brand from day one.

Tailor the content elements of your registration page to highlight your organization’s look and feel as well as tone of voice, increasing brand awareness among attendees.

Event registration tip 5

When comparing your options, look for a registration platform that lets you personalize your page at the click of a button, then allows you to select the elements you want with some serious drag-and-drop moves.

6. Remove distractions by going ad-free.

The goal of your registration page is to get people to register…right? An ad-free solution will keep their attention where it belongs: signing up for your event!

Event registration tip 6

Watch out for this one: Many “free” registration solutions come with a catch, i.e. unwanted features you just have to deal with to access the free tool. I mean, do you really want potential attendees of your wellness event receiving pop-up ads for the local mac n’ cheese festival?

7. Send conversions through the roof.

Event registration platforms that are specifically designed to help increase attendee conversions plus-size your event marketing efforts.

Event registration tip 8

Building a registration page that converts is both an art and a science. But if you find the right event technology vendor, they’ll have done all the hard work for you and serve up templates that sizzle. As a result, you’ll be able to publish a conversion-optimized page in minutes.

8. Kick multi-system chaos to the curb.

Avoid integration nightmares with an online registration tool that’s built to seamlessly sync with both your event app and backend attendee database.

Event registration tip 7

Are thoughts of cobbled-together event technology tools giving you the night sweats? We get it. You need a solution that fosters a truly seamless sync in real time, no PhD required.

The Attendify event registration platform syncs seamlessly with its event apps.

9. Collect the data you need to succeed.

Customizable checkout forms and multiple ticket types help event organizers gather the right attendee data, while also providing a hyper-personalized attendee experience.

Event registration tip 9

No two events are alike, so why should you be stuck with a registration solution that offers canned checkout forms? Look for an interface that makes it easy to build forms, attach them to different ticket types and gather all the info you need.

10. Maximize your event marketing goals.

Discount loyal attendees, host early-bird discounts and test offers for days with access to unlimited event promo codes.

Event registration tip 11

The best event registration systems offer two types of codes: a discount code, which reduces the ticket price (i.e., cha-ching!), and an unlock code, which reveals an exclusive ticket type to specific individuals (i.e., ballers).  

Attendify's registration solution offers unlimited promo codes.
Attendify’s registration solution offers unlimited promo codes.

11. Monitor ticket sales and session capacity in real-time.

Access to instant registration analytics allows event pros to make informed promotional decisions and manage room set-ups on the fly.

Event registration tip 10

Make sure your registration tool comes with a pre-built dashboard that gives you the latest info on ticket sales, check-in details, session registration vs. capacity stats, and more. If it spits out granola bars based upon your perceived hunger level, you’ve really found a winner.

12. Ensure your first impression counts.

Help attendees sail through their event arrival effortlessly when you pair a solid event registration solution with a mobile check-in app.

Event registration tip 12

Look for an event technology vendor that serves up a free check-in app. The best can be downloaded directly to event team members’ mobile devices, no extra hardware required.

Attendify's free check-in app.
Attendify’s free check-in app.

13. Track mandatory attendance & CEU credits in a snap.

Empower your event team to check attendees in and out of required or credited sessions with a quick scan from their mobile phones, easily capturing the data for later use.

Event registration tip 13

Don’t forget to read the app’s reviews on the App Store and Google Play. Before event day, it’s always a good idea to make sure your vendor’s mobile check-in app actually, well, checks people in effectively.

14. Capture 360° views of your attendees.

An online registration platform that features a powerful Session Registration tool, boasts a seamless event app sync and is built upon an industry-first attendee data platform allows you to gather the key touchpoints of your participants’ event journeys.

Event registration tip 14

Leverage these insights in real time to optimize your event impact; mine them long after the event is over to build long-lasting relationships with your event participants. In both instances you’ll be able to draw upon attendees’ own interactions to boost results. Kapow!

Attendify’s backend data platform allows you to see exactly how attendees are interacting with your event content.

Have an unusual use case for online event registration that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Reach out to us on our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn feeds. 

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