3 Things You Need To Know When Building Your Event App Hint: It's easier than you think!

We would like to let event planners in on a little secret. Creating an app for your event does not need to be a complicated and long drawn out process. It does not require special skills in programming, and it does not have to cost a lot of money.

In fact, the Attendify platform makes it easy for you to create your own event app in under an hour. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

1. Creating Your App Is a Step-by-Step Process

You never created your own event app before? No problem. The Attendify platform eliminates all the guesswork. All you have to do is follow along with our five-step process and your app will be ready to go in as little as one hour. It really is that easy.

  • Step One: Choose Your Features – You decide what functionality to include in your app based on your event’s specific needs.
  • Step Two: Add Content – You can easily enter your event information directly into the app as you build it, or you can upload your agenda, speaker bios, venue maps, and more.
  • Step Three: Configure App Settings – We take the mystery out of this process by reviewing your app for you, informing you of any problems we uncover, and showing you how to fix them in order to avoid delays in the app store approval process.
  • Step Four: App Review – A preview panel is displayed at all times while you are building your app so you can see, in real time, exactly what it will look like. We even give you the option of viewing your app on your mobile device so that you can conduct a live review before submitting it to the app store.
  • Step Five: App Store Submission – Once you are happy with the functionality of your event app, you simply press a button, and your app gets submitted to the appropriate app stores.

Attendify Hub Step 1

2. You Can Preview your Event App Instantly

Here at Attendify, we don’t accept ambiguity, and neither should you. We make it easy for you to see exactly what your app will look like by displaying a preview panel on the screen at all times. If you want to try different color schemes, or play with the layout, go right ahead. All your changes appear on the screen instantly.

We even make it easy to preview your app right on your own smartphone. Simply download Studio, our instant preview app, to see exactly what your attendees will experience when interacting with your app.

They say seeing is believing. Instead of having a hypothetical discussion with your team on the benefits of an event app, you can put the app right in their hands to experience the value themselves before you spend a dime. Our customers tell us this feature alone makes getting budget approval much easier.


3. Apps are all about Engagement!

An event app is more than a digital agenda—much more! Your Attendify event app is an attendee engagement tool as well as an event improvement tool.  

Your app comes with a built-in private social network designed for engagement. Why a private network? That is so you can keep confidential information discussed at your event confidential. Every attendee has their own profile, which allows them to network with other attendees, share ideas, take notes, and give feedback without worrying about anyone outside your organization seeing it.

Activity Stream_Open_App_Menu

Your app includes polling, push notifications, and more to allow you to find out what your attendees are thinking at any given moment, and lets you communicate important information instantly. Every attendee interaction with your app provides valuable data that will help you improve your future events.