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45 Ideas for Real-Time Polling Questions in Your Event App

Real-time polling is to event apps what icing is to cake: maybe not 100 percent necessary, but it makes things turn out so much better.

From the event planner’s point of view, leveraging a real-time polling feature naturally encourages attendee app adoption and engagement. Doing so during sessions can help encourage speaker interactions with the audience in a controlled manner. And of course, the resulting data can prove invaluable, allowing organizers to make immediate environmental changes, put future event optimizations into play and even harness feedback for long-term marketing nurtures.

Real-time polling in Attendify's event app.
Real-time polling in Attendify’s event app.

In-app polling is also a big win for attendees. Not only does the technology allow their voices to be heard on everything from speaker selection to coffee break cuisine, but it does so in a way that is inclusive, non-threatening and enjoyable. 

Great real-time polling questions run the gamut from just-for-fun queries to thought-provoking posts. Fresh out of ideas for your next event? No problem! We’ve rounded up 45 of our favorites for you to borrow from below. They’re meant to be multiple-choice questions, with the answers personalized by you to best fit your unique event, industry and attendees. Best of luck!

Fun real-time polling questions for your event app

1. How did you like the coffee break? (Give a choice of emojis as responses.)

2. Which of these is the best restaurant/bar/cafe in the neighborhood?

3. What’s your mood today? (Give a choice of emojis or professional adjectives like inspired, ready to learn, jet-lagged, etc.)

4. If our event picked a mascot, which one of these characters should it be?

5. If you could choose another profession, which one would you pick?

6. Which restaurant has the best [fries, hamburger, hot wings, etc.]

7. Which of these vices could you never give up? (list “innocent” vice choices like coffee, potato chips, finger-tapping, etc.)

8. How are you feeling about the event so far? (offer a choice of emojis as responses.)

9. One beverage left on earth: tea or coffee?

10. If your company was an animal, what kind of animal would it be?

11. Who is going to win tonight’s [football/baseball/basketball/soccer/tennis/etc.] game?

12. If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?

13. Would you rather be invisible or able to fly?

14. What’s your favorite aspect of [Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring]?

15. Which of these celebrities would make the best spokesperson for our event?

16. Which of these foods turns your stomach?

17. If your boss was a dog, what breed of dog would he/she be?

18. If you could time travel, would you rather go to the past or the future?

Discovery-based polling questions for your event app

19. Which of the following topics/technologies/trends most interests you?

20. Who was your favorite speaker today?

21. What track do you like the most so far?

22. X or Y? (Ask people to choose between something that represents a core division in the audience, i.e. Mac or Windows, iOS or Android, React or Angular)

23. What’s your primary reason for attending this event?

24. How many exhibitors have you visited so far?

25. Have you visited [XYZ sponsor] yet? (Great opportunity for a sponsored post.)

26. Have you visited [XYZ exhibitor] yet? (Great opportunity for a sponsored post.)

27. What new product are you most excited about? (Good question for sales or user conference.)

28. A question that determines how much the audience has adopted something (i.e., Is your lead scoring automated? How many times a day do you post to social media channels> How many texts do you send a day?)

29. What concession items are most important to you while at the event? (Heart-healthy, grab-and-go, inexpensive snacks, etc.)

30. What session topics would you like to see next year?

31. Do you plan to attend [XYZ session] later? (This is also a promo for that session.)

32. What do you hope to get out of this meeting?

33. What is your current role? (can classify by business functions, like Marketing, Finance, Business Development, etc.)

34. How proficient would you consider yourself in [XYZ tool or technology]?

35. What country/region are you from? (for international events)

36. Is [XYZ product] a good fit for your organization?

Thought-provoking polling questions for your event app

37. Which of these technologies/trends is most important to our industry this year?

38. What will be the next big industry shift?

39. What’s the number-one struggle our industry is facing?

40. (Related to speaker’s content) Which solution would you choose for your business?

41. Did you know that [fact about sponsored product or service]?

42. Quiz about company or industry history (great for internal events)

43. Post-session quiz to see how attendees digested info (This works well for both internal and external events.)

44. If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

45. Fad or fantastic: Which one of these industry trends do you think is a flash in the pan?

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