5 Cool Tech Gifts for Event Attendees

Your attendees don’t need another USB flash drive, and they certainly don’t need another mug or envelope opener. We agree wholeheartedly with Mashable’s take on the subject of event goodies, so with that in mind, here are some gift ideas that will have your event attendees singing no matter what size your budget is:

1. The eGift Bag $5–$100+
This can work on just about any budget and might include online gift certificates, music and book credits, e-learning materials, and/or apps which could be donated by sponsors. A major selling point of this approach is not just the cost-effectiveness, but also going green and reducing waste.

2. Stylus pens & accessories $5-$20
Fingerprints are so over! This is a cheap gift option with practical applications. Personally, we think it’d be pretty awesome if stylus were just a standard addition to pens, but until that day. . . There are a lot of options for bulk purchasing and customization.

3. Power banks & chargers $15 to $75
Nothing strikes fear in our productive (Angry-Bird-loving) hearts quite as much as rationing mobile use. Help your attendees by gifting power banks and portable charging tools to relieve battery anxiety. There are cheaper, bulk options as well as more expensive, but higher quality tools, like MyCharge. If you are graced with a big budget or want something more unique for VIP guests, consider a cool solar charger ($80).

4. Chromecast $35
Imagine streaming video and music wirelessly to your TV, that’s what Google’s new Chromecast device is all about. At $35 bucks a pop, you likely won’t be doling these out to just anyone, but consider these as gifts for your speakers and other VIP guests.

5. Kickstarter Gifts $20-$100
Its always great to be one of the first to use new technology, and Kickstarter is a treasure trove of cool new gadgets. If you have the budget and the time (once the funding goal is reached, production can take a while), consider giving your event participants the gift of cutting edge cool. Consider these sweet projects: Pressy, iBlazr, and Micro Phone Lens.

BONUS: Many Kickstarter gifts, particularly related to mobile technology, lend themselves to a number of post-event engagement activities. For example, “Use your iBlazr, and send us a pic of yourself at #ThisEventRocks!”

There are several ways to approach gifts for events, but generally cool and useful win the day.

What gifts have worked well for you and your events?

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