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5 Main Benefits of Social Mobile Event Apps

It`s not that easy to surprise attendees nowadays. With the rise of consumerization they have got a number of instruments to benefit from the events they visit. Still, social mobile apps continue to offer a unique solution to one of the greatest challenges faced at events: networking.

1) Introducing yourself:

Social apps are the only tool for attendees to introduce themselves to the whole community in such an easy way. A single post with a photo will not only generate reactions from people who have already created their profiles, but also attention from those who are just checking timeline.

2) Grabbing the attention of exact person:

If an attendee`s task is to reach out to specific people such as speakers and/or potential business partners, a social mobile app is the perfect tool to do that. If you do not have the possibility to physically find that person and get his/her attention, you can do it via the event app. Just create your profile and start the conversation!

3) Enhancing networking experience:

Social apps are a powerful tool to reach out to other attendees en masse. Guests can organize a dinner in a restaurant nearby the venue or plan a short sightseeing trip – and there`s no easier way to find company than posting an invitation to the timeline.

4) Social apps: all in one:

It is always handy to have one tool that manages a number of others. Social mobile apps allow attendees to post to their accounts having all the relevant hashtags mentioned for them, eliminating the need to use a number of apps and the risk of using the wrong hashtag.

5) Staying private:

Social apps help events create their own private social networks. Conversations can continue year long uniting the industry key-players around a definite subject. This feature can also be used by corporations that hold team-building events allowing the team to let their hair down a bit by keeping the thread private.

The broad set of opportunities social app gives and the extent to which it simplifies communication, wows attendees and makes the conference stand out. Feel free to share what in your opinion, is the most important benefit for you as an event organizer.

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