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5 Ways to Use Your App Post-Event

The end goal for most— if not ALL event planners and organizers is a successful event. Happy attendees and positive feedback are something planners and organizers thrive on, but how do you get that feedback?

Post-event surveys are a great way to gather information, but as you know, the process is flawed. Your emails are likely to be overlooked if the timing isn’t right, your message may end up discarded or in a spam box. Your event app however, is a valuable— and often overlooked tool that can help you gather important feedback and set you up for your next event. Let’s take a look:


Your Attendify app provides in-depth analytics into your event. This is a fantastic and surefire way to demonstrate not only sponsor ROI, but most importantly— event ROI.

Rating and Reviews

Send a post-event push notification to ask your attendees to rate their favorite speakers. Be sure to schedule these shortly after your event, while it is still fresh in your attendees’ minds. You can even use these notifications to inform attendees of your next event date. Push notifications have to be cleared manually by the app user, ensuring visibility.


Polls are another great way to gather valuable information. Use them to get feedback post-event. You can also use the WebView feature to collect in-depth information with a detailed survey from Survey Monkey or similar providers.

Leverage Sponsored Post Feature

There are countless ways to use the Sponsored Post feature on your Attendify app. Sponsored posts are embedded into the app’s activity stream, and can be used to announce upcoming events, share important documents, and keep users informed on the latest information from your organization.


Push Notifications

Attendees typically turn on the app’s push notification feature to stay up-to-date on the latest event information. Once your event is finished, you can continue sending sporadic push notifications to keep users engaged. From announcing your next event and registration dates to reminding attendees to complete your post-event survey, to delivering important messages and calls to action.

As you can see, the end of your event does not necessarily mean the end of attendee engagement. Your Attendify app has many features that can be used to continue the conversation, get valuable feedback and even promote your next event. Not an Attendify user? Building an app is quick and easy— just head over to or request a demo to get started.






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