A Month in #eventtech News [August 2013]

In an effort to provide you with the latest and greatest in #EventTech and event planning news, the Attendify team put together a list of our 10 favorite stories/articles from the last month. Which news stories were the most valuable for you this month? Add your 2 cents in the comments!

  • Conference To-Don’ts (Aug. 06, Event Manager Blog) — “Meeting planners are all about lists. Our lists actually have lists. Keeping all the plans, facts, figures, who is doing what, where and when, requires an extremely organized way of being. We make To-Do Lists that are much more closely related to plans for building rockets than mere numbers listed down a page. Along with the To-Do’s, there are also some To-Don’ts. There are things that we just need to stop, if you have not already done so, doing right now. So, here goes! . . .”
  • How To Stream Events on Youtube Live (Aug. 07, Event Manager Blog) — “Google just announced some super news that will allow more event professionals to stream their event on Youtube. Here is what you need to know. . . ”
  • Online technology brings something Nu to the event market (Manchester Science Parks) — “A newly-launched website is promising to revolutionise the way people organise, promote and attend events. Manchester Science Parks-based NuTickets.com allows event organisers to co-ordinate ticket sales, promotional activity, event management, door entry and HR management in one virtual space and can be used for events of all sizes, from festivals and club nights to conferences and exhibitions . . . ”

  • Google Glass: The Future of Event Tech or Disruptive Technology? (Aug. 09, Attendify Blog) — “There has been a lot of debate about the pros and cons of Google’s latest innovative gadget, Glass. Much of the discussion has involved concerns over privacy and the value-added, if any, of wearing your mobile device versus holding it. These are legitimate questions, but we wanted to look at Glass through the prism of events which present unique challenges . . . ”
  • Fashion GPS, The Platform For Organizing Fashion Week, Looks To Serve Event Planning Industry More Broadly (Aug. 14, TechCrunch) — “Fashion GPS, the creator of a number of iOS apps and web services for coordinating the logistics of fashion week, has released a new app targeting the broader world of special-events planning called Events GPS. Although the company will continue to develop its fashion apps, it is also looking to expand to ticketing management by the first quarter of 2014 as it moves to become a more comprehensive event resource . . .”
  • Ambient backscatter tech allows devices to communicate, sans batteries (Aug. 14, Gizmag) — “In order for the Internet of Things to become a reality, devices will need to be able to communicate with the internet and with one another. If they have to be powered up in order to so, however, a lot of electricity is going to be wasted. That’s where a new technology known as “ambient backscatter” comes into the picture. Developed by engineers at the University of Washington, it uses ever-present existing TV and cellular signals to provide the power and medium for battery-less communications . . .”
  • 18 Tech Tools Event Pros Can’t Work Without (Aug. 19, BizBash) — “What are the tech tools—apps, devices, gadgets, Web sites—you can’t do your job without? We surveyed event pros for their takes (and tips) on those daily necessities. Here’s what they said . . . ”
  • 23 Things That Drive Exhibitors Crazy (Aug. 20, BizBash) — “It’s a two-way relationship: trade shows rely on exhibitors for the revenue they provide and the attendees they attract, while exhibitors participate in shows to get in front of customers. As with any relationship, tensions can arise. We asked four experienced exhibit managers to share their top gripes . . . Here are some of their biggest complaints . . . ”
  • 10 Solid Mac Apps to Run Your Events (28 Aug., Event Manager Blog) — “Event professionals love Macs. This article sums up some off the radar software to be organised and deliver great events. One of the most popular articles of the blog is surely this list of 10 free apps for Mac users . . .”
  • Tools for Improving Networking and Boosting Engagement at Your Event ( CitizenTekk) — “Successful event planners know—events must be engaging and provide ample networking opportunities, but how can planners and their teams create rich, empowering experiences during an event? . . .”

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