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All Resources Announcing Social Activity Stream & Session Chats!

Announcing Social Activity Stream & Session Chats!

Engagement and interactivity are Attendify’s focus as we work on our next-generation virtual event platform. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of two major new features, Social Activity Streams and Session Chats! These new networking features represent a big step towards delivering a more dynamic event experience.

Social Activity Stream

In 2013 we pioneered the Social Activity Stream for mobile event apps. Prior to social streams mobile apps were digital versions of traditional, printed event guides. Activity Streams changed that and turned mobile apps into a dynamic, modern attendee engagement tool. We’re excited to bring that same capability to virtual events. 

You can think of Activity Streams as the social heartbeat of your event, the wall upon which attendees share their impressions, experiences and feedback. Your Activity Stream is prominently featured throughout Attendify’s virtual platform including the Town Hall, your event’s landing page. From the Town Hall, attendees can dive into the full stream and explore all the content their peers are sharing. 

Attendees can easily post photos and messages, engage with likes and comments, and break the ice to build personal connections. There’s no limit to the content attendees can post and interact with. We always recommend that event organizers seed the activity stream with content at the start of the event to get the conversation going. 

Session Chats

We’re also launching a completely new feature called Session Chats. Chats are like Activity Streams, only they’re unique to every session on your schedule. You can pick and choose which sessions have Chats and moderate the conversation to stay completely in control (more on that below). Within each Chat attendees can similarly post photos and messages, and engage with likes and comments. Every post is attributed to a specific attendee, so you capture lots of valuable data to help you better understand your audience.

Chats live alongside your session videos, polling and real-time attendee list. Chats are a simple, yet proven and powerful way to drive session participation.

Turn-Key Management

Both of these powerful new features come with management tools that put you fully in control of the experience. Within Attendify Hub, our content management system, you can control which sessions should include Chats and moderate individual posts at your discretion. Although it’s extremely rare, if any inappropriate content is posted attendees can report and flag that content so you can respond quickly to take it down.

Pricing & Next Steps

These two features are included with every event, there’s no added cost! Attendify’s pricing is always transparent, to learn more visit our pricing page and click the chat button if you have questions. 

We’re continuing to move quickly with new product releases and major updates every few weeks. We’ll continue on that pace with a few exciting new features coming soon:  

  1. Meet Now – we’re launching a 1:1 networking tool to connect attendees and sponsors with face-to-face video calls delivered through Attendify’s native streaming platform. Attendees can request calls with sponsors and connect instantly through the browser with no extensions or plugins to download. Just click and connect. 
  2. VOD Playback – our native streaming platform delivers a 100% browser-based experience for presenters and attendees, dramatically reducing overhead for event planners, including the ability to automate session recordings. We’re taking another big step with the ability to automate on demand playback of those recordings in a completely turn-key package. 

To all of our customers and early adopters, thank you for your continued support! This has been a challenging stretch of time for everyone, but with every passing day we’re delivering a more innovative, engaging and dynamic virtual event platform to help you manage your virtual and hybrid events.

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