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All Resources Attendify News Announcing Improved Support for Attendify Event Apps on Apple™ iPads!
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Announcing Improved Support for Attendify Event Apps on Apple™ iPads!

We’re excited to announce improved support for Attendify event apps on Apple™ iPads with custom layouts that take advantage of both landscape and portrait device orientations. There’s so much to be said for the convenience and flexibility of using an iPad for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, so the timing feels spot-on for this release. Here’s a quick look at the improved Attendify iPad experience:

Perfect for Virtual, In-Person, & Hybrid Events

Every Attendify feature is supported on iPads, including the ability to watch live and pre-recorded session videos. Whether you’re using Attendify’s native streaming solution, or integrating with YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to give your attendees flexible and convenient access to all of your event’s content and their fellow community on any device, so you have one less thing to worry about when planning your organization’s return to in-person conferences, or use of hybrid event experiences.

Announcing improved support for Attendify event apps on iPads

Elegant and Flexible

We designed the iPad interface of Attendify’s event apps, including both the Attendify branded and custom branded versions, to be simple, elegant and flexible. You can use the app in both landscape and portrait screen orientations and can easily navigate through its interface using the familiar menu on the left-hand side of the screen. There’s no learning curve for your attendees, and the iPad version of the Attendify app is automatically included with every purchase. There are no extra costs, nor anything for you to configure – we take care of everything.

Attendify event apps on iPads for hybrid, virtual, and in-person conferences

What’s Next?  

The Attendify apps’ iPad experience will continue to evolve, and we believe that events are approaching an inflection point, where the importance of mobile will increase dramatically. Supporting as many mobile devices as possible with elegant, native user experiences will pay dividends for every event, regardless of its format.

Delight your attendees with intuitive, user-friendly Attendify event apps on iPads

We’re also excited about the possibility of extending the improved support for Attendify event apps on iPads to macOS using Mac Catalyst, Apple’s technology for transforming iPad apps into macOS applications, which we will explore in the future. Just like the world of events is blending in-person and virtual event experiences to create new hybrid event formats, different computing devices are converging in exciting ways. Attendify will continue to support your attendees, no matter where they are or how they choose to experience your event.

Interested in learning more about our enhanced support for Attendify event apps on iPads? If so, please reach out to our team to request a demo, or check it out for yourself with a free trial!

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