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Attendify Audiences: Put Your Event Data To Work

Event apps are ALL about the data.

Apps offer incredibly valuable features for attendees, but it’s the underlying data collected that’s the real game changer. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Attendify Audiences, a first-of-its-kind data platform built specifically for the event industry.

Attendify Audiences is a bridge between digital and event marketing, bringing data-driven personalization to live events in a turn-key solution. We’re unlocking the potential of event data and putting it to work to optimize event experiences, boost attendee retention, and power highly-targeted promotional campaigns. Attendify Audiences enables true event marketing automation with unprecedented capabilities tailored to the event industry.

Before we talk about the future, let’s take a step back and see just how far event technology has come.

What took so long? 

5 years ago creating a mobile event app cost tens of thousands of dollars, took months to create and did little more than digitize the printed event guide. Simply put, event apps were something only big budget events could afford.

We’ve come a very long way… Modern event apps cost around $1,000, are created in hours, go live in seconds, and offer features that engage attendees and capture millions of data points that would otherwise be lost the moment an event ends. The value of that data can’t be overstated because every marketer craves one thing…


Marketing is all about engaging audiences and events have an unfair advantage. You won’t find another marketing channel that can deliver more engagement and lasting relationships than live events.

There’s no substitute for in-person experiences and event attendees are not only physically present, but they’re at peak levels of engagement and interacting with the topics they’re most passionate about. What better time to collect signals about their behaviors, preferences and sentiments?

Mobile event apps offer an elegant solution by leveraging devices that virtually every attendee already has. As barriers to going mobile came down, driven by self-service platforms like Attendify, the volume of data captured from events skyrocketed.

Act on Your Event Data

Attendify has powered more than 8,000 events with more than 3 million app downloads. In the process we’ve given event planners the ability to capture millions of data points that quantify engagement. The natural next step was to give our customers tools to turn that data into more delightful event experiences and marketing personalization to help make their events even more successful.

We’ve poured everything into making Attendify Audiences as robust as possible, while keeping the ease-of-use that Attendify is known for. We couldn’t be more excited to share it for the first time today:

There’s an incredible amount of technology built into Attendify Audiences:

Let’s take a closer look…

Data Management:

The backbone of Attendify Audiences is the ability to pool data from your Attendify event apps, but also from external sources. This is a comprehensive data management solution built for the different ways attendees engage at events.

We’re leaning on the data collected by our apps because that’s where on-site engagement is captured, but we’re also giving you the ability to add custom fields and pull data in from other sources. What you get is a complete view of all your attendee contact records, just like the most modern marketing automation solution, but tailored to the event industry:

When you drill down, you’ll see a profile for every attendee. Each profile features a full activity stream with every action an individual attendee took across all your events. See the photos posted, comments, likes, sessions, polls, speaker ratings and much much more.

Audience Segmentation: 

Imagine being able to build highly personalized audiences using almost any parameter, across all your attendees That’s what Attendify Audiences enables. Here’s just a small sample of the types of segments you can create, from the most general to the most specific:

Best of all filtering and creating segments is incredibly easy and data loads instantly. The full depth and richness of your event data can finally be put to work to drive success for your event.


What can you do with all those highly personalized segments? Run personalized email, advertising and sales campaigns that drive better results because they’re more meaningful and actionable to the people they reach. Tailor content and networking opportunities to specific audience segments to create better event experiences. Attendify makes it possible to build those audiences, and then helps you integrate and use them in the tools you’re already familiar with. We’re launching with a hand full of top CRM, marketing automation and event management tools, and will add dozens more in the coming months:

Health Scoring:

Retaining attendees and sponsors year-over-year is essential to the success of any event, but measuring satisfaction and acting on it is hard. Designing accurate surveys is challenging, and attendees are not always as forthcoming as we’d like.

The customizable health scoring feature built into Attendify Audiences allows you to define what an engaged, happy attendee looks like. Whether it’s social signals or content consumption, set up a scoring system that’s right for your event and we’ll automatically keep you informed on how every one of your attendees is doing.

Audiences Launches in Beta, Today!

Attendify Audiences is launching today as a closed beta, and will open to more Attendify customers in the coming weeks. Some functionality will be limited for the time being, but by late November you’ll see a full launch.

If you’re interested in joining the beta, sign-up for our interest list and we’ll give you early access as soon as spots become available. When the platform opens to all our users, any data from your Attendify event apps will automatically appear in the Audiences tab in your dashboard. You’ll have free access to explore your data, filter and build segments up to 100 contacts. Upgrade whenever you’re ready to put your data to work.

For those of you attending IMEX America, which also starts today, please stop by our booth for a live demo!

What’s Next?

We’ve got much more to come, not only on the new Attendify Audiences platform, but far beyond.

We’re making it easier to collect data from as many sources as possible and build a seamless experience for attendees. Events are the most powerful marketing channel in the world, our mission is to collect, analyze and help put event data to work.

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