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Attendify for Virtual Events is Live!

Attendify’s next-gen virtual event platform is now live! We’re thrilled to have launched and incredibly optimistic about what this milestone means for our customers and the industry. When we started down this path in April we were shell-shocked from the pandemic’s impact on events. Those feelings and challenges haven’t gone away, but we’re excited to have built something meaningful for the industry we love and have been a part of for eight years.

Mission & Community

Before we dive into the product and what’s on our roadmap we’d like to pause to say thank you to our incredible customer community! When we set out to build a virtual event platform we decided to share the process with our clients via regular email updates. The support you’ve shown along the way has helped us in a big way! To everyone who read our emails, responded and voiced your ideas and support, thank you! Your feedback was a confidence boost and helped us feel like we were on the right track. It’s much easier to move quickly with that kind of support and you provided it.

One of our goals for this new product is to help make the industry more resilient. Whether it’s a future economic shock, another health crisis, or just a major airline strike, the livelihoods of everyone in the event industry have proven to be extremely vulnerable. Technology can play an important role in addressing that challenge, but we need to use this moment to really move the ball forward on building a virtual experience that’s modern, engaging and feels like an event. Today we’re taking a big step in that direction…

Attendify for Virtual Events

We’ll start by saying that Attendify for Virtual events is an entirely new experience. This isn’t a product we had before that we repackaged or tweaked. We built this from the ground up and  used many of the tools and systems that we already had enabling us to move quickly and build a product that’s proven and reliable from day one. 

Attendify’s virtual experience starts on the Town Hall, which is the first screen attendees see when they log in. The Town Hall features your branding and gives attendees a taste of both the networking experience and content your event has to offer.

From the Town Hall attendees can jump into any number of experiences, but we focused a lot of our attention on sessions. Sessions focus the user’s attention on the video stream, but also leave community features and other sessions just a few clicks away. 

Another key component of the experience is the ability to connect attendees and help them network. That starts on the community feature which features profiles for every attendee and gives everyone the ability to send private messages and engage with each other. 

Just like Attendify’s mobile apps, content plays an incredibly important role in the experience. You can create dedicated profiles for speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, as well as include general information about your event. Content updates are alway instant. 

Hybrid Ready

Our new virtual product is fully integrated into Attendify’s platform which means we’re ready to support virtual, in-person or hybrid events from day one. Attendify’s virtual platform and our mobile event apps are joined at the hip. As an event planner you configure your event once, and you automatically get both experiences allowing attendees to join on any device that’s convenient. 

With virtual and mobile working together you can connect attendees to a single community and create a meaningful experience for those attending in-person or remotely. We see a future where attendees experiencing your event remotely can connect for 1:1 conversations with those attending in person. That starts with building a strong foundation and providing attendees with unified virtual and mobile experiences. 

What’s Next

We will continue to move quickly with two major releases coming in July and August, here’s an overview of what’s coming: 

  1. Streaming via Attendify (Late July) – in addition to streaming via YouTube, Vimeo and Zoom we’ll add our own, fully integrated solution to make things easier for event planners and presenters. Taking the complexity of streaming out of the equation is probably the most important step in delivering a meaningful and accessible virtual event experience. In addition to streaming we will also integrate activity streams and Q&A for sessions.
  2. 1:1 Video (Late October) – next we’ll raise the bar for the networking experience by bringing 1:1 video to the virtual platform and our mobile event apps. Connecting attendees, sponsors and virtual exhibitors directly is essential to the experience we want to create. In addition to 1:1 video we will bring Attendify’s Channels feature empowering you to create and manage micro-communities within your event. 

Beyond the August release window we’re going to continue to invest heavily in this new product and the rest of Attendify’s platform. As always, we’ll share our roadmap and keep you up to date on the challenges and opportunities we’re working on. Without teasing too much out, two of our priorities will be reinventing the sponsor experience and helping customers put their event data to work while continuing to improve the attendee experience.

Transparent Pricing 

Attendify has always offered simple, transparent pricing and our virtual product is no different. In fact, our pricing plan was visible on our website since May and I encourage you to explore our pricing page. Our new virtual experience is offered together with our mobile app for an engagement solution that’s ready for virtual, in-person or hybrid experiences. 

If you have questions about pricing, chat in on our website and we’ll be happy to help. 

Thank You!

Once again, thank you for your support! Today marks an important step and it’s the first of many. We’re really excited to build towards a more resilient, data-driven, and engaging future that helps you grow your events and amplifies your content like never before. 

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