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Attendify for Virtual Events: Pricing & Roadmap Revealed

On April 9th we shared a closer look at Attendify’s forthcoming virtual event platform. We’ll have many more product updates and previews to share, but this post is dedicated to our product roadmap and pricing.

Since we announced that we’re building a next-generation virtual event platform we’ve seen an outpouring of interest and support. Honestly it’s been a little overwhelming, and I’d like to start with a huge thank you! We’re getting insightful product suggestions, tons of encouragement and lots of great questions from our customer community. Among the most frequently asked questions are when the product will launch and how much it will cost. That’s what we want to answer today, so let’s get right to it… 


We’re moving quickly, but building a great product takes time. That’s why we decided to split the full scope into three releases:

  1. Core Virtual Experience (June) – all the key features that will allow you to customize and host virtual events with a modern, engaging, virtual platform that puts your content and your attendees networking goals first.
  2. Streaming via Attendify (July) – in addition to streaming via YouTube, Vimeo and Zoom we’ll add our own, fully integrated solution to make things easier for event planners and presenters. Taking the complexity of streaming out of the equation is probably the most important step in delivering a meaningful and accessible virtual event experience.
  3. 1:1 Video (August) – we’ll raise the bar for the networking experience by bringing 1:1 video to the virtual platform and our mobile event apps. Connecting attendees, sponsors and virtual exhibitors directly is essential to the experience we want to create. 

While there’s always risk associated with software releases we’re singularly focused on rolling out this new platform. There may be features we need to cut and come back to later, but we’re committed to building something wonderful that helps make the event industry more resilient. If you’re uncertain about whether the platform will launch in time for your events or have questions about specific features please reach out. We understand the sense of urgency and demand for something that’s modern, easy-to-use and cost-effective.

Transparent Pricing:

Since we launched Attendify in 2013 we’ve always been focused on simplicity and transparency in pricing. We’ve long felt that the opaque pricing policies of most companies in the event technology market were counterproductive and limited adoption. We’re sticking with those core principles with pricing for our virtual event solution. Here’s what we have in mind: 

How Pricing Works

As you can see from the pricing table above we’re bringing together mobile event apps and our virtual platform as part of a single engagement suite. We strongly believe that any meaningful virtual solution must support engagement on multiple devices. This will become particularly important as live events start coming back as hybrid experiences. We all need to be ready for a future where part of our audience is experiencing the event in-person and others are connecting remotely.

The simplest way to think about our pricing is two consider the key components: 

  1. App & Virtual Event – when you buy Attendify you get both virtual and mobile included. As mentioned above, the goal is to create a true multi-screen experience and set the stage for a future where hybrid events will be commonplace.  
  2. Streaming – You can bring your own stream through our integrations with YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom, in which case there’s no added cost. If you want to leverage Attendify’s streaming solution, which launches in July, you can do so by picking one of our streaming packages. Packages are designed around an approximate number of attendees, Small = 200, Medium = 500, Large = 1,000, XL = 2,000. For larger scale events contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

30% Pre-Launch Offer

We’re offering a 30% discount for everyone who purchases credits prior to launch. That means you can buy the Attendify virtual platform + a mobile event app credit for $1,399 today. This is the biggest discount we’ve ever offered. Credits are good for any events you hold in the future and have no expiration date. You can buy credits today by visiting our website and checking out right on this page:

We know you’re taking a chance by buying a product that isn’t live yet, but doing so supports our work and helps us build what we think will be the best virtual event platform in the world. After purchasing a credit you’ll receive regular updates on our progress and we’ll notify you as soon as the product is ready to launch. If we decide to have a beta testing phase, you’ll also be first in line to get invites.

To everyone who’s following our progress, providing feedback, or pre-purchasing credits thank you for your support! Every email and vote of support helps us build what we feel is going to be a really exciting and impactful product. We’ll be in touch again soon with more product previews and engineering updates. 

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