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Event Technology Helps Solve Top Event Organizer Challenges

It’s no secret that event managers and organizers face countless challenges, obstacles, roadblocks and problems. The PCMA conducted a research study to determine which challenges are most prevalent in the event and convention industry, and they compiled them in this article. The great news is that we’ve created our own list of ways event technology can contribute to solving nearly all of these problems in unique and simple ways. We found that we can help solve 10 out of 15 of them, and we think that’s pretty good.

1. Making Revenue Goals
Few things are as important than hitting your revenue goals and having an event app can help make sure that happens. An event app is the perfect place for additional sponsorship opportunities. From native ads in each app’s activity stream to creating dedicated sponsor sections and sending out sponsored push notifications, you have several options to put your sponsors front and center for maximum visibility, which will generate more revenue for your event. And if you are planning an event with exhibitors, Social Lead Retrieval is the ideal way to drive more value and revenue. Best of all, Social Lead Retrieval has a revenue share option where there are no out-of-pocket costs, just more money in your pocket after the event.

2. Time Management
Self-service mobile app building platforms like Attendify’s ensures you work at your own pace, and they’re so easy to use you can create an event app in about an hour. Having a platform that’s so user-friendly frees up valuable time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your event. Recently, Avella Specialty Pharmacy Marketing Manager, Emily Masline, created an Attendify app for her company’s annual sales and operations meeting, and the event app helped save her a ton of time. “The app really allowed some things to be put on autopilot,” said Emily. “It was a lifesaver—I definitely recommend it.”

Your Attendify App can also be a helpful resource when it comes to delivering information to attendees and event staff. “The first thing I did was build out the schedule and speaker section. People would ask us about those more than anything, so we’d simply refer them to the app, saving us a ton of time while encouraging app adoption.”

3 & 4. Lack of Staff/Managing Staff and Volunteers
Keeping track of volunteers, show floor staff, security and everyone in between at your event can get overwhelming fast, but the days of Excel spreadsheet schedules are over. A fully featured event app allows you to create schedules visible only to specific groups, so you can create staff schedules and manage them all within the app. You also have the ability to send push notifications to individuals, specific groups or all app users at once, so reaching staff or communicating with them is a breeze.

5 & 6. Content Design/Recruiting Speakers
One of the most difficult tasks for event organizers is recruiting speakers or educators. Will they engage and connect with attendees? Will they inspire and educate? These are all very valid concerns, and event technologies can give you data to help solve them. Event apps give you the ability to cultivate a speaker directory and allow attendees to rate, review and favorite speakers right in the event app. This data shows you which speakers are well-received, engaging and favorited by attendees, making it easier to recruit popular speakers in the future.

7 & 8. Choosing the Right Event Technology Without Blowing the Budget/Budget Constraints
Transparent pricing in the event tech industry is uncommon, so budgeting for an app can be tricky. Not to mention that a single event app alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars! But event tech doesn’t have to be costly. The Attendify container app starts at just $999/year and allows you to create full event schedules, interactive maps, speaker listings and so much more. All content within the app can be updated instantly, and you can even send private messages and push notifications. With our budget-friendly apps, there’s no need for costly directories, maps or other printed collateral that are outdated the moment they’re printed, saving you thousands of dollars in printing costs.

9. Growing Attendance
Aside from bringing incredible value to events, mobile apps collect important data for the event organizer. You can put that data to work with Attendify Audiences, a first-of-its-kind data management platform for the event industry. Audiences pulls data from mobile apps, registration tools and more to create detailed engagement profiles for each attendee, and gives you the ability to filter and segment that data down to specifics like job title and session rating. This can provide deep insights into every attendee interaction, providing the tools you need to identify key influencers who can grow future events. With Integrations like, Marketo and MailChimp, Audiences allows you to segment and build targeted marketing campaigns for all your upcoming events.

10. Getting Recognized by Upper Management
As an organizer, you must put yourself in your attendees’ shoes and think about interactions they’ll have with every aspect of your event, from registration to post-event follow-up and everything in between. The Attendee Experience is crucial to an event organizer, and it begins even before your attendees register for your event.

What better way to show upper management how successful your event is than enhancing the attendee experience with your app? Our self-service platform is easy to use and allows you to place digital guideposts throughout your event, which will not only delight attendees but also impress your leadership team by putting that same experience in their hands so they can follow along. The key is to ensure your internal team and C-suite downloads and uses the app so they can take journey themselves.

Let’s Get Solving
Your event tech should be solving problems, not creating them. Event planning is stressful enough, with a variety of challenges that impact your planning efforts. The great news is that the right event technologies can help solve the majority of these issues and enable you to achieve many of your event goals.

About Attendify
Attendify is the only event technology company that helps event planners build deeper relationships at events. Attendify makes it quick and easy to create, manage and update event apps, get real-time feedback and analytics, and demonstrate event success and show ROI. Attendify helps companies like Google, Bloomberg, AstraZeneca, Sage, Phillips, Autodesk, and AOL create differentiating mobile experiences for their events. The company also offers the first-ever data management platform for the event industry, empowering event organizers and marketers to harness their event data to improve marketing outcomes and event ROI. For more information or to get started building your app visit

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