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Attendify Streaming is Here!

Last month we launched Attendify’s next-generation virtual event platform, and today we’re excited to announce a new live-streaming service that supports virtual and hybrid events! While this is an incredibly challenging time for the events, it’s also an opportunity to innovate and build the industry’s resiliency by focusing on what matters most, the attendee experience. By launching a fully integrated live-streaming solution our goal is to make it easier to produce virtual events by simplifying speaker onboarding, supporting dozens of sessions and concurrent streams, all in a turn-key package that’s ready for a hybrid future.

Integrated Streaming Advantage

So what’s the big deal, aren’t there plenty of ways to live-stream a session? The short answer is yes, there are certainly lots of ways to get live video out into the world. Whether it’s through Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube or any number of other services delivering the stream is easy. The challenge is crafting a solution that works at scale, is easy for events to manage, and delivers a consistent attendee experience. 

This is the challenge we took on with Attendify’s new streaming service. Attendify Streaming works hand-in-hand with our virtual event platform and mobile event apps. Our mission is to help event planners onboard and manage dozens of speakers with minimal overhead and deliver a consistently great attendee experience. To that end we’re launching today with several exciting features: 

Speaker Onboarding

When you’re planning a complex event with dozens (or hundreds) of sessions the task of coordinating speakers can be daunting. Our top priority is making that process much easier. With Attendify all you need to do is add the email address for your session’s speaker(s) and have them login to the virtual event experience. Attendify will automatically recognize your speaker and draw their attention to the upcoming session. 

Speakers can enter a practice room (green room) either individually or all together. The practice room is an opportunity to coordinate on session strategy, test your microphone and video settings, and generally get familiar with the interface. Up to 5 speakers can join the practice room at the same time. A helpful timer allows speakers to keep track of the session start and end times, so they’re always prepared.

Once it’s time to start broadcasting the session will go live automatically. As the event organizer you can configure the session to broadcast shortly before the start time to ensure that the stream is active when attendees enter. For the speaker there’s nothing else to configure or worry about, they can focus on delivering their presentation.  

Attendee Experience

As easy as the process is for speakers, it’s even easier for attendees to join and watch sessions. All they need to do is discover the sessions they want to see and click through the schedule to launch the stream. If you’re using Attendify Registration you can pre-register attendees and they will only see the sessions they pre-selected. Up to 10,000 attendees can watch a single stream, so you can easily run large scale conferences without the headache of integrating multiple tools. 

A Foundation for Hybrid

Beyond the convenience of a streaming solution that’s fully integrated with a virtual event platform, Attendify Streaming is designed for a hybrid future. A number of our forthcoming networking features are built on the foundation established with our new streaming service. Starting in late August we’ll start rolling out features that allow sponsors and attendees to connect face-to-face, and those same features will be available in our mobile app. 

We’re working quickly to ensure that you’re ready for a Hybrid future where some percentage of your audience will join events remotely. Live streaming that’s fully integrated into Attendify’s virtual event platform gives us the opportunity to connect attendees joining in-person with those joining remotely with meaningful, face-to-face experiences. So while we’re focused on sessions with today’s release, our integrated streaming capability is about so much more. 

Transparent Pricing 

Attendify has always offered simple, transparent pricing and our streaming solution is no different. In fact, our pricing plan was visible on our website since May and we encourage you to explore our pricing page which includes several standard streaming packages and the ability to customize your own package. Below is a snapshot of our streaming plans and pricing:

If you have questions about pricing, chat in on our website and we’ll be happy to help. 

Thank You!

As always, thank you for your support! Today marks an important next step for our virtual solution, but much more is planned for the next few months. We’re really excited to build towards a more resilient, data-driven, and engaging future that helps you grow your events and amplifies your content like never before. 

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