A few weeks ago we announced that big changes were coming with a brand new version of Attendify on the way! Today we’re very excited to announce that Attendify v2 is here!

This is the biggest release in our company’s history, and everyone at Attendify has worked very hard to make it happen. Virtually every aspect of our product has been redesigned, streamlined, and improved, nothing was left untouched. We see this release as the first step in a long line of new features, improvements, apps, and other changes we’ll be making in the coming weeks and months. Today’s release is the foundation of what’s to come, here’s a quick summary of what we launched today:

  • Attendify Hub v2 – a completely redesigned and rebuilt version of Attendify Hub, our event app creation and management platform. The new version is streamlined to help you create apps even more quickly, manage them with ease, and control every aspect of your event app effortlessly. Learn more.
  • Multi-Event App – the social app has been a hit since it launched in October of last year, and we’re very excited to bring our social platform to a new multi-event version. The Multi-Event app is great for associations, corporate meetings, or any series of events that occurs multiple times a year. Learn more.
  • Attendify Studio – preview apps instantly as you build them with Attendify Studio, a free download on your iOS or Android device. After downloading login to your Attendify account tap on the app you want to preview. You can try all the social features and test the new Multi-Event app.
  • New Website – we also redesigned our website… it’s got a brand new look, new case studies, more detailed product information. The only thing that hasn’t changed is this blog :-) but that’ won’t be the case for long, a new blog is on the way! Explore the new site.
Updating your Apps:

Because of the sheer number of changes any existing apps that have already been published to the App Store and Google Play will need to be updated to take advantage of the new platform. Your apps will continue to function normally during the update process, and you will have access to all your management tools via Attendify Hub v1. When you login to Attendify, published apps will be accessible by clicking the “Go to Hub v1” button towards the top of your screen (on the Attendify dashboard).

You can request any app to be updated to the new platform by logging into Attendify.com, and clicking on the yellow “Hub v1” button. Instructions will pop up, informing you how to request  and follow the on-screen instructions.

Any unpublished apps will automatically be migrated to the new platform and you can continue building them, only published apps require an update.

A Very Special Shout-Out:
This release is particularly rewarding because all the feedback, insights and ideas of so many of our clients that were incorporated directly into the product. Thank you all for your guidance, and support… there’s no question we couldn’t have made it without your help!

Please leave any feedback, impressions, ideas, etc. in the comments, or email me directly: michael@attendify.com. I’d love to hear from you.