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Why Balfour Will Never Host a Sales Meeting Without an Event App Again

With more than 100 years in the school achievement business, Balfour is hardly new to hosting national sales meetings. The brand is continually developing its product line, and for more than 50 years has leveraged this event as a way to connect its salesforce (which now includes more than 400 independent contractors). Reps look forward to the conference as a homecoming of sorts, a chance to gather with colleagues from across the country, recognize success and learn about what’s new.

Last year, however, Balfour’s Director of Corporate Communications and Events Amanda Reynolds decided to give the sales meeting a modern twist by introducing an event app. Read on to learn how embracing event tech helped the Balfour team double their productivity, while also amping up attendee engagement. Or click here for the full case study!

The Challenge

Making sure everyone is on the same page

At past sales conferences, the biggest roadblock to inspiring excitement and momentum among the reps was keeping them informed of various event details. “Communication is huge,” Reynolds says. “Just making sure everybody knows what’s happening and where it’s happening…that’s something we’ve always struggled with.”

Amanda Reynolds of Balfour discusses her team's success using the Attendify platform.

As such, Reynold’s team needed a way to easily notify attendees of last-minute changes, recognize sponsors and seamlessly distribute session content. Leveraging event technology was the ticket, Reynolds thought. And she already had a solution in mind.

The Solution

A feature-rich event app that’s priced right

The Marketing and Education team at Balfour was already using the Attendify event app for its yearbook workshops, and had “nothing but great things to say about the tool,” Reynolds recalls. She also liked that the app was completely intuitive, which meant that the event team could make changes to the content themselves instead of waiting on an event tech provider to provide updates.

What’s more, the price was in line with Balfour’s event budget, which wasn’t always the case with some of the other event tech vendors Reynolds had considered. “One company quoted us a $30,000 commitment because their app was expressly built for multiple events,” Reynolds says. “We said thanks, but no thanks.”

The Balfour event app
Balfour’s National Sales Meeting event app

And perhaps most importantly, the Attendify app’s rich feature set —including interactive maps, gamification, push notifications and a private social network — had everything Reynolds’ team needed to enhance the attendee experience.

The Results

Boosting team productivity, delighting reps

For an event that was utilizing an event app for the first time, Balfour achieved staggering results: More than 85 percent of attendees at the sales meeting downloaded it. And because the app helped event organizers automate and facilitate attendee interactions in advance, they realized a 50 percent productivity increase.

Amanda Reynolds of Balfour discusses her team's success using the Attendify platform.

Reynold’s team also had more time for little touches that made the conference memorable for sales reps. “We used some of the features to surprise and delight our attendees,” Reynolds shares. “When new reps arrived, we sent them special messages. We thanked our vendors for coming. And we were able to set it up all in advance, so we looked so efficient and thoughtful.”

Balfour achieved event tech success using the Attendify platform

A list of Balfour’s favorite Attendify event app features includes:

What’s next? Well, Team Attendify continues to innovate new products and features, and is excited to continue to provide Balfour with event tech that inspires, informs and delights.

As for Balfour, one thing’s for sure: “I don’t think we’ll ever do a meeting without [an event app] again,” Reynolds says.

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