Collaborate with your Team to Build your App


Here at Attendify we thrive on the ability to collaborate on projects. We know there’s nothing like good old-fashioned teamwork to bring new creative ideas to the surface, which is why we’ve made it easier than ever for app owners to work with their team to build event apps together. App owners now have the option to instantly invite colleagues to access the event app dashboard. In just three easy steps, you’re on your way to building the best app possible- with a little help from your friends.

collaborators in menu

Find the Collaborate button in the drop-down menu of your dashboard Settings.

collaborators pop-up

In this section, you’ll find all your app Collaborators. To add a teammate, click on the blue tab.

add new collaborator

Add your teammate’s email address, include an optional personal message, and your invite is on its way!


all-collaborators-blogOnce they’ve accepted, you’re ready to collaborate with your team. Collaborators now have access to your app, and they’ll be able to add/ edit content using their personal login information. We hope you enjoy this new feature! Now go gather your all-star team and start building!