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These Container Mobile App Features are Crucial to Event Success

Event professionals know the benefits of having a great mobile event app. In fact, 63% of planners use event apps*. But the process of finding the right fit for your event can be a challenge. There are so many things to consider, including price, functionality, features, and ease of use—both for you and your attendees. This is further complicated by whether you’re looking for a branded app or a container app, such as the Attendify App, which houses multiple apps from different companies in a single container.

So how do you know if the container app you’re considering is a good investment? We’ve been listening to the industry, gathering feedback from event professionals as detailed in our 2018 event industry research report. Based on these findings, we’ve assembled a list of must-have container app features that help event planners maximize ROI, delight attendees and measure event success.

Prominent Branding
A well-designed container app recognizes the importance of a having a dedicated space in which to showcase your brand. The best container apps allow you to create profiles for both your organization and event within the app. This is especially critical—having a dedicated, custom-branded profile will allow you to promote your company and your event in a big way.

Multiple Access Options
Ideally, your mobile event app will have multiple ways to manage access for your event:

Interactive Maps
These detailed, color-coded and fully interactive maps within your mobile event app give attendees the ability to zoom in on specific locations on the map to find out how to get where they want to go. True interactive maps even link to all the sessions that occur in each space throughout the event.

Live Polling & Push Notifications
Leading container apps all have the ability to deploy custom quick polls that can be sent to all attendees or participants in certain sessions.
Push notifications allow you to send instant messages to your entire audience, specific groups and even individual attendees. This feature is a must-have and great for last-minute changes and reminders.

Activity Stream/Direct Messaging Capabilities
One of the best ways to get your attendees interacting and networking is through a private social network on your app. Attendees can post messages, photos, and like and comment on other users’ posts. The activity stream gives attendees an organic way to connect through direct messages, another vital feature. Direct messaging capabilities allow attendees to make deeper connections and facilitate networking, even after the event is over.

Session/Speaker Ratings
What better way to get direct feedback from attendees than by having them rate each speaker and session? Speaker and session ratings are extremely valuable because they can help improve future events. In fact, 48% of event planners are already collecting their event data*, and 72% of event planners actually utilize that event data and insights gathered to improve their events*.  

Instant Publishing/Content Updates
Live events can be full of surprises, so you should be able to make changes to your mobile event app yourself that go live immediately, ensuring your information is always accurate and up to date. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t standard in all event apps, so keep an eye out for this capability when evaluating container apps.

* These stats were taken from Attendify’s 2018 Event Industry Research Report. 

About Attendify
Attendify is the only event technology company that helps event planners build deeper relationships at events. Attendify makes it quick and easy to create, manage and update event apps, get real-time feedback and analytics, and demonstrate event success and show ROI. Attendify helps companies like Google, Bloomberg, AstraZeneca, Sage, Phillips, Autodesk, and AOL create differentiating mobile experiences for their events. The company also offers the first-ever data management platform for the event industry, empowering event organizers and marketers to harness their event data to improve marketing outcomes and event ROI. For more information or to get started building your event visit

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