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Pre-Created Attendee Profiles


We’re excited to announce a simple yet powerful new way to control access to your event app… pre-created attendee profiles! This new feature is as straightforward as it sounds, just upload your registration list and use it to lock down your app. We also refreshed a few other access settings for your event apps, cleaning things up and simplifying. Here’s how it all works:

Securing your Event App:

Some events want to keep their apps open, and that’s always an option, but if security is top of mind then we have a few new ways to lock down your app:

Changes to your app’s access settings can be made at anytime, even after your app is published, but proceed with caution to avoid locking anyone out. You and you can always double check any changes you’re about to make with our support team.

Configuring your App:

When you’re first building your event app you can configure some basic app settings (as shown below). Choose whether or not to use an access code, and/or upload an attendee list.  Since you can change these settings later, don’t sweat it and get in touch if you have any questions.

step3-newUploading your Attendee List:

If you decide to upload an attendee list for your One-Event or Multi-Event app the process is very straightforward. Just head over to the management area for your app (accessible only after submitting your app) and click on either the “People” (Multi-Event) or “Social > Profiles” (One Event) buttons. After that all you need to do is click on the “Add” button and start uploading.


There are a few ways to import your attendees:

  1. Manually – add your attendees one by one using our web UI. This is probably too time consuming for a big list, but an easy way to add one or two last minute registrants.
  2. Bulk Import (CSV) – The simplest way to import your attendee list, just copy and paste into our CSV template and upload. It takes seconds to create even thousands of profiles. Best of all you can export a CSV from virtually any event registration platform making this a universal way to get your data in.
  3. Integrations – We also added a few pre-built integrations including Eventbrite and Google Forms. If you’re using either solution for event registration just follow the instructions to connect your accounts. We’ve got more integrations on the way!

Managing Settings:

One of the biggest changes with these new features is that event/access codes and your attendee list can be updated instantly, even after your app is submitted and published in the App Store & Google Play.

As a result any of the access settings you configured while creating your app can also be updated. To make changes just head over to the settings area for your app and reconfigure as needed. When making changes to access settings proceed with caution so you don’t accidentally lock any attendees out, if you have questions please contact our support team before proceeding.


Support Center Articles: 

Since there are a number of more advanced settings included with this release we added a few help center articles that will help you out with more specific instruction:

Updating Your App:

Attendify’s new pre-created profiles and access settings are automatically included with every new Attendify event app you create, but you can also update your published event apps to work with these new features. To do so login to your account and click on the settings button to update, just like the screenshot below…


These new features are a pre-cursor to a few upcoming releases like personalized schedules and several new integrations, so let us know what you think! If you have questions email and we’ll be happy to help!

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