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All Resources Attendify News Drive real sponsorship value at virtual events with Attendify’s newly revamped sponsor pages & virtual booths
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Drive real sponsorship value at virtual events with Attendify’s newly revamped sponsor pages & virtual booths

Pivoting from in-person to virtual events has not been without its challenges, especially when providing the same level of value for sponsors and exhibitors. In fact, 2 of the top 3 obstacles reported are increasing attendee engagement and sponsorship value. So, it’s easy to see why marketers and event organizers are focused on recreating the interactive, discovery-driven dynamic of in-person events in a virtual setting, because:

Achieving meaningful engagement is the key to driving tangible virtual event value, and the magic of events still lies in the personal connections we make with and at them. While many event platforms do encourage attendee engagement, few foster the depth of engagement and connection necessary, to drive real results for today’s virtual event sponsors.

At Attendify, our goal is to equip you for success with your virtual events by transforming what was once difficult into a turnkey solution that’s intuitive and easy to use, so we’re thrilled to announce our completely redesigned sponsor profiles with new capabilities designed to drive valuable engagement and leads for your sponsors:

Introducing Attendify’s newest enhancements to our robust sponsor profiles

Easy and powerful branding options on sponsor profiles

With Attendify, event hosts and sponsors can now make their virtual booths a true reflection of their brand and customize their robust profile sections with ease. Cover images and videos are as easy to upload and modify as on Facebook pages, or similar corporate social media accounts. Speaking of social, you can easily drop in links to sponsors’ company social media accounts for attendees to visit, follow, and engage.

Modern media galleries to attract attendees

Attendify’s sponsor profiles feature modern and elegant media galleries, so virtual event attendees are able to effortlessly browse attention-grabbing media within their virtual booth, or sponsor page. Adding photos and videos to your sponsor profile is a snap. Simply upload photos to your profile, drop in video links, and easily drag and drop them to arrange their order.

Attendify's modern media galleries help attract attendees to virtual event sponsor profiles

Dynamic product listings to capture buyers’ interest

Virtual event organizers and their sponsors now have access to flexible, dynamic, and robust product listings, which allow them to showcase all of their desired offerings and in-depth product descriptions, alongside corresponding images, demo videos, CTAs, and more. The result? Attendees, who visit sponsors’ dedicated pages can easily see all available offerings, drill down to view detailed information for products of high interest, and click custom CTAs to learn even more—driving leads that with high purchase intent.

With Attendify, add product listings, custom offers, and pricing info to your virtual event sponsor pages

Customizable CTAs to drive high-intent leads

Because both profile and product-specific CTAs can accommodate any offer and link to any internal, or external page, virtual event hosts and their sponsors and exhibitors can tailor their virtual booths and product listings to cater to the event’s audience by offering special event-related product promos, trials, demos, signups, contests, and more! Setting up CTAs for your event’s sponsor profiles and listings is quick and easy; simply add the desired offer information, specify its CTA, drop in your link, and you’re ready to go.

Attendify's virtual booths for virtual event sponsors offer detailed product information and customizable CTAs

Demand captured at peak interest with MeetNow

MeetNow, our real-time, 1:1 video conferencing tool, is prominently displayed on the sponsor profile page, so attendees can easily view available sponsor representatives and with a single click, initiate a live video call with them to learn more about their company offerings and specific products of interest. For added convenience and flexibility, MeetNow’s live video calls are accessible for attendees on any device and support audio-only, video, and screensharing options.

With Attendify's, 1:1 live videoconferencing, virtual event sponsors can capture attendee demand at peak interest

MeetNow allows virtual event sponsors to engage with attendees at the exact time their interest is peaked and enables them to have personalized, real-time discussions about how they can uniquely provide interested attendees a solution that aligns with their distinct buying needs. This also helps ensure that event leads are followed up with quickly and contextually— setting sponsors up for success by enabling them to strike while the iron’s hot.

Attendees can initiate live, 1:1 video calls with virtual event sponsors with Attendify

Content & downloads built to inform and engage

Attendify’s enhanced sponsor profiles also provide the ability to upload branded content for download—from eBooks and whitepapers to product collateral, buyer’s guides, and more—and cater to all event attendees in alignment with each of their individual buyer journeys. Setting up content is fast and simple, and you can add as much as you’d like, to engage attendees.

Attendify's event platform helps virtual event sponsors to better engage attendees with content downloads

What’s next?

We are on a quest to unlock the power of events for sponsors, exhibitors, event hosts, and attendees alike! So, please be sure to visit our roadmap to stay up to date on all of the cutting-edge features and functionality we’re building into Attendify’s virtual event platform. We aim to continue developing features, like our Attendify Audiences, which help drive event ROI and bridge the gap between event and digital marketing.

Want to learn more?

Want to find out how Attendify can help you build, manage, and maximize the ROI on your virtual and hybrid events? If so, be sure to check out our instant platform demo today — and even, get started on building your next virtual event experience for free.

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