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5 Ways to Promote Your Event App for Absolute Adoption

Mobile event apps are no longer an optional afterthought— they’re a necessity. According to our 2018 Industry Research Report, 63% of event planners use mobile event apps, and a whopping 72% of those planners use the insights gathered from their apps to improve their future events. There is so much valuable information to glean from your attendees, but the real challenge is getting those attendees to use your app in the first place. So how do you go about it? Here are 5 tactics you can use to dramatically increase event app adoption.

1. Recruit Your Speakers
Once you book your lineup of speakers, be sure you take the time to properly introduce them to the app ahead of the event. Recruit your speakers to not only interact with the app themselves but to also incorporate it into their talks and presentations. Attendify allows you to upload documents directly into each speaker profile so session attendees have easy access to the material. Another fantastic way speakers can engage attendees is by incorporating the live polling feature into their sessions in order to capture attendee information during their keynote or sessions.

2. Incorporate App Download at Check-in
Putting your event app front-and-center at your event is a must if you want to increase on-site downloads. What better way to do this than making the app download a part of the check-in process? Post signage that prompts attendees to download the app as they’re checking into your event. You can also train your registration staff to encourage app downloads as they process registration and hand out badges. 

Go the extra mile and make your attendees feel welcomed by posting seed content within your event app’s activity stream. Post a welcome message, hotel info, etc. directly to the activity stream to jump-start engagement and promote attendee interaction.

Your Attendify App includes a gamification feature where you can set point values for different types of attendee interactions, then award prizes to your top participants. Providing participation incentives and having a visible gamification Leaderboard is also a great motivator to create friendly competition. It’s a great way to keep your attendees motivated and engaged with your app throughout the event.

3. Provide On-site Assistance
Another fantastic way to get your event app into attendees’ hands is by providing one-on-one assistance to those not-so-tech-savvy guests. Designate an “App Support Team”, a group of staff dedicated to walking the show floor or conference encouraging app downloads or assisting with any event app questions.

4. Facilitate the Download Process
If your attendees aren’t aware of your event app, how are they supposed to use it? Take the time to promote your app both on your event website and social media pages. Also, be sure to take advantage of your complimentary landing page and promo materials included with each Attendify App. 

5. Get Creative
Just because your event is underway doesn’t mean you’re finished promoting your app. Get creative and find ways to get your app into attendees’ hands. In 2016, Nextiva Event Coordinator Lindsey Berman made the decision to promote their event app on the back of each attendee badge. She also made the decision to create table cards at each mobile charging station with easy-to-scan QR Codes, ensuring that the app was front and center at all times.

Additionally, Attendify brought great value to Nextiva’s philanthropic efforts through Nextiva Cares, a community outreach initiative in which Nextiva supports its local non-profit organizations annually. Nextiva turned its hashtag, #NextCon16 into a benefit campaign to benefit Nextiva Cares. Each time the hashtag was used, Nextiva donated $5 to Nextiva Cares. With Attendify’s ability to cross-post social messages from the app’s activity stream to various social platforms, engagement skyrocketed and the hashtag was used 4,100 times for a total donation of $20,500.

Bonus Tip:
Prioritize Your Event App
Event apps are extremely valuable and a great way to capture data, gain attendee insight into your event and even demonstrate ROI. Our final, bonus piece of advice is to make your event app a priority. Don’t wait until the last minute to build and publish your app. Having the app ready at least 60 days before your event gives you more time to get it in front of attendees and create marketing campaigns around it through direct email or social media. Mike Santos, VP of Digital Marketing at G3 Communications, created an extremely valuable email campaign to promote their Attendify App and encourage adoption for the B2B Marketing Exchange, an annual conference for marketing professionals. The email was sent out about a week prior to the start of the event, summarized the benefits of the app and provided a download link— everything an attendee needs at their fingertips. 

Do you have additional tips for encouraging app adoption? We’d love to hear your creative ideas!

About Attendify
Attendify is the only event technology company that helps event planners build deeper relationships at events. Attendify makes it quick and easy to create, manage and update event apps, get real-time feedback and analytics, and demonstrate event success and show ROI. Attendify helps companies like Google, Bloomberg, AstraZeneca, Sage, Phillips, Autodesk, and AOL create differentiating mobile experiences for their events. The company also offers the first-ever data management platform for the event industry, empowering event organizers and marketers to harness their event data to improve marketing outcomes and event ROI.


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