A Fresh Take on the Essentials New features and a refined look for event app essentials

Event planners know that the difference between success and mediocrity is the hundreds of little things that make up the attendee experience; the temperature of a room, the strength of the wi-fi signal, the quality of the lunch served, the list goes on and on.

That same principle applies to event apps, the margin of error is very small and the impact that user experience design has on app adoption and attendee satisfaction is huge. That’s why we’re very excited about this release, we went back and took a fresh look at essential features like the schedule, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors with the goal of making the little things better. Here’s what’s new:


Enhanced Schedule: 

It probably comes as no surprise, but the schedule is almost always the most used event guide feature in our apps. Attendees spend a lot of time in the app discovering sessions to attend and building their personal agendas, so we wanted to make that experience simpler:

  • New Look – we’ve redesigned the schedule from top to bottom, giving the session list and description a fresh new look that makes it easier to find sessions.
  • My Schedule – we made it easier than ever for attendees to pick sessions and create their personal agenda with customizable reminder alerts, a vastly improved view of their day, and more.
  • Multiple Tracks per Session – each session can now be assigned to multiple tracks, and as part of the redesign we made tracks more prominent and easier to filter.
  • Polling – quick polls are now featured much more prominently within session descriptions. If attendees favorited a session they’ll automatically get a push notification alerting them when a new poll is published.

Attendify_Essentials_6Ratings & Reviews:
Getting feedback from attendees has never been easier with a configurable rating & review feature that’s built right into the schedule. Attendees can leave a star rating and a detailed review that shows up in real-time in the analytics dashboard for you to compare and contrast with other sessions. Easily configure the visibility of ratings for privacy purposes.


Enhanced Search & Filtering:

Search can be taken for granted, but if well executed it makes a huge difference to attendees. In the latest version we made it easier than ever to find sessions, speakers, sponsors, and other attendees using enhanced keyword search and added new advanced filtering options. If you’re looking for other people to network with you can easily narrow down the list by filtering by interest tag or connected social networks, similarly you can filter by track on the schedule. There’s also a way to search the entire app from a single field so you can find every mention of a given person, company, session, etc.


Refined Design:

We updated the design throughout our “guide” features for consistency and a sleek look to show off your sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, or any other list of people or organizations. The new design makes it easier than ever to bookmark items, take notes, and view attached documents.


App Update:

To get all these great updates in your app, please make sure you have the latest version deployed to the App Store and Google Play. To check, start by logging into your Attendify account and clicking on the red notification icon (settings button) and then select “update”. If you’re not on the latest version we’ll resubmit your app within the next 5-10 business days. See the screenshot below for clarification and contact us support@attendify.com if you have any questions.

When you’ve had a chance to test the new features let us know what you think in the comments or email us.