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Why We Launched Event Registration

For the past 7 months, we’ve been heads down building an event registration system from the ground up… it all came together in late April with the launch of Attendify Registration! I’m incredibly proud of everyone on team Attendify, this is a major milestone and we managed to get across the finish line while supporting a rapidly growing user base, launching numerous enhancements, and adjusting to Apple’s app review guidelines. This was no easy feat.

Launch day was an opportunity to reflect and look ahead… that’s what I’d like to do in this post. If you’d like to learn more about the new product please check out this post from our blog or sign up for free and take it for a spin.

This post is about our motivation for building this product and a look ahead at what it means for our roadmap. I also share why we’re so excited about the direction event technology is heading in…

Who Says There’s No Room for Innovation?
Our customers have always been a source of inspiration and our new registration system is no exception. For the past 18 months, we heard many customer requests and lots of insightful feedback about what makes a good registration system. From those conversations, we realized there’s a big opportunity to deliver an easy-to-use registration system that’s deeply integrated with mobile event apps. We also heard a fair share of negative feedback about the market many felt their registration systems were too expensive, hard to use, poorly integrated with their event app, the list goes on and on. However, customers weren’t the only voices we listened to…

We also spoke to industry experts and influencers, but consistently heard that there’s little room for innovation… Registration is commoditized. A race to the bottom. A problem that has long been solved. In many respects the experts and influencers are right, online registration system has been around for over two decades and competition is incredibly stiff. While we don’t always take a contrarian perspective, our sense was that there was a big opportunity in challenging conventional wisdom.

The Opportunity
The more we learned, the more we realized that the future of event registration is deeply intertwined with mobile event apps. While we don’t have all the answers, the biggest opportunities in event technology are almost certainly in the ability of event management systems to capture the entire attendee journey, end-to-end. From an attendee’s first click on an event website to their on-site activities and beyond.

Registration is a cornerstone of every event experience, it’s often the first interaction an attendee has with the event, a moment where trust is built or lost. Taken alone, registration may not have much room for innovation, but viewed as part of the attendee journey there are virtually limitless possibilities.

Why Attendify? Why now?
Would we launch a registration system if we were starting a business from scratch? Probably not. I’m sure that a talented group of people can build a killer registration system from the ground up, but it would be hard to compete on product quality or price alone. We feel Attendify is uniquely positioned for two reasons:

  1. Mobile Apps – there is no better source of on-site attendee engagement data than event apps. In fact, there’s no other cost-effective way to gather engagement data at scale. When woven together with registration data, engagement data becomes that much more powerful.
  2. Putting Data to Work – there has been no shortage of lip-service paid to the topic of event data, but we haven’t seen a product that focuses on engagement data and delivers practical ways to put that data to work. Attendify Audiences, our data management platform is able to do just that, adding registration data to the mix unlocks many interesting opportunities to expand attendee data utilization.

Innovation usually stems from bringing different ideas and components together, we felt Attendify had the right foundation to create a compelling registration platform, one focused on attendee experience, engagement, and the underlying data, rather than the transactions alone. Looking at event technology from an attendee experience perspective also creates a virtuous win-win, where all stakeholders benefit: attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and of course event planners.

The Attendee Journey & Attendify’s Roadmap

Although we’re launching registration today, this is the beginning of our journey toward creating a comprehensive, engagement-centric event management platform. Mapping the entire attendee experience and making engagement data accessible to our customers is our top priority. By weaving together data that flows from our event apps, registration system, lead retrieval and other products, Attendify is able to capture engagement data-points that were previously untracked and lost forever.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between digital and event marketing. That means unlocking the ability to personalize event experiences, deliver more valuable content, improve networking, increase sponsor ROI, and so much more.

Our roadmap is packed with features that will give event planners actionable data and insights. We couldn’t be more excited to work towards realizing that potential, and we took a big step forward with Attendify Registration.

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