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All Resources Attendify News Introducing Personalized App Access and Features for your Audience

Introducing Personalized App Access and Features for your Audience

We’re rolling out a new feature with the event planner/organizer in mind! We’re thrilled to introduce the ability to designate which app features you want to make visible to specific audiences. Why is this important? For event planners, this means not only having the ability to isolate different tracks to coincide with specific attendee lists, but also the option to add custom maps, access to extra features for VIP attendees, and more. With this new feature, event organizers can even add internal information like staff schedules— all on the same app! Here’s how to get started:

Create Groups

The first thing you need to do is create groups to assign people to. In our case, we’ve created a group titled “Event Staff”. Need help creating groups? This article will help.

Create Profiles

Next, you’ll need to create profiles for all attendees. For example, you can create your event staff’s profiles using their email addresses. As you’re adding those profiles, you need to assign them to a designated group. Here, you can see we’ve added them to our “Event Staff” group.

Hide Features

So now that we’ve created our staff profiles and added them to the group titled “Event Staff”, we’re ready to move on to the Features. Once you’ve built out your desired features,  you are ready to hide them. In the image above, you can see we’ve created a special schedule specifically for our event staff. This is the feature we want to hide, so we click the “edit” icon.

Clicking the edit button will bring you to this pop-up section. Here, you can hide each feature using the toggle switch. Make sure you hit ‘save’. This feature, in our case the “Staff Schedule”, will only be visible to our event staff group.

Manage Feature Visibility

There you have it! You can manage permissions and Feature Visibility through your dashboard. We hope you find value in this new feature. It’s a great way to stay organized and get the most out of your event app!

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