Happy Earth Day 2017! How Attendify can help make your event environmentally-friendly.

This year’s Earth Day celebrations take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017, and all around the world people come together to celebrate our wonderful planet and talk about ongoing efforts we all make to protect and conserve it. For the event industry, this means Event Planners have taken huge steps to evolve and improve their events to make them more environmentally friendly. One of the easiest ways to make your event “green” is by going digital. And how do you do that? You guessed it— with an event app!

Go green with Attendify

Google went paperless by leveraging an event app at Export@Google in early 2014. The event brought together over 350 entrepreneurs in Dublin, Ireland, the company wanted 100% of the event’s experience to focus on boosting international sales and facilitating connections. As part of this goal, Google’s events team consolidated all logistics, schedules, speaker information, and social networking capabilities into one app. A 100% adoption rate of the app meant that the event team could spend less time answering logistical questions and more time thinking about engagement. Read the full Google Case Study HERE.

There you have it! We all play a part in conserving our planet for the next generations, so start now!

About Attendify
Attendify is the only event technology company that helps you build deeper relationships at your events. Unlike other event apps, Attendify helps you create your event app quickly and easily, manage and update your app effortlessly, get real-time feedback and analytics, demonstrate success and ROI. In addition, Attendify offers the first and only Social Lead Retrieval system, an automated website builder and deep event analytics that marketers can use to generate more customers and revenue. Create your app now.