How to Make Your Event App Come to Life

Event planners and attendees are getting used to the idea of mobile event apps, but they’re also starting to expect those apps to be – wait for it – interesting. We know, we know: “duh!” But, you might be surprised how many little things are overlooked when building event apps, details that make a difference in user perception and experience.

In a recent article, UX Magazine made a strong point about the value of creativity and fun when thinking about user experience within an app. While we completely agree that apps should be creative and engaging, we want to emphasize how important it is to have a smooth, intuitive user experience.

Here are our tips for maximizing interest without sacrificing usability.

Branding Your App

Picking the right color scheme, uploading an attractive icon, splash screens and banner makes an event app your own and brings your brand to the forefront. With Attendify, creating a custom branded app is as easy as setting up a Facebook page, all you need to do is:

    1. Color Scheme: Choose a color scheme that fits your brand.
    2. App Icon: your icon is the first thing attendees will see when they download your app, so make sure to highlight your brand and keep it simple and visible. Icons are small, so you don’t want to use elements that are hard to see like the full name of your event, or other small graphics.
    3. Splash Screen: Upload a splash screen (640×960 and 640×1136). The splash screen is optional, but we recommend adding one for a bit of extra flair.
    4. Home Screen Header: The home screen header is probably the most important customization for your app since users will see it over and over again, each time they navigate the app. The dimensions are 640×240, and it can be a good idea to include the title sponsor’s logo, as well as your event’s brand.

Stick to these basic visual customizations and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help, or just want some feedback on how your icon, home screen header, or any other graphics look.

Take Advantage of Social Features

Attendify’s Social App, has several social features that will engage people and keep them coming back to your app for more. Having a social timeline, the ability to aggregate photos, and the possibility of reaching out to other attendees via profiles, direct messages, and comments allows your attendees deeply engage with the event.

An additional benefit is that these features allow attendees to have greater control over how interactive they want the app to be for them. Social features are optional; many users will love them for the ability to interact and share, but for those users who want something simpler, the basic Guide App features may be the way to go.

The Jist

The nitty and gritty truth of creating a great user experience in your application is that less it more. Customize the look and allow attendees to interact as they see most fitting by opting for social features. An out-of-the-box design can be fun while maintaining the simplicity and usability that will make your event app a success.