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IMEX14: 5 Main Mobile Event Solutions Trends

Attendify just made it back from IMEX-Frankfurt, we had a fantastic experience!! This was our first time exhibiting in Europe and we were really pleased with the interest we saw in event technology and mobile in particular. Word is spreading about the value mobile brings to the event experience, particularly when it comes to networking and going paperless.

From the hundreds of conversations we had with planners and other industry professionals at IMEX we picked up on a few trends that are likely to impact mobile and event tech in the years to come:

  1. Reducing Costs: Not too long ago event apps were a luxury that only large events with big budgets could afford. Greater price transparency, faster fulfillment times, and do-it-yourself platforms are making event apps accessible to smaller events and even corporate meetings. This trend will continue in the years to come and will drive much wider adoption of event apps across different segments of the industry, which is great news for event planners and attendees alike.

  2. Empowering Social Experiences: attendee networking is at the top of almost every planner’s mind when it comes to event apps. Helping attendees network and achieve their goals is a key priority, and apps are great way to help meet those objectives. Planners are looking beyond simple Twitter & LinkedIn integrations and seeking more robust social tools that help foster engagement, while keeping them in control of the conversation.

  3. Driving Engagement for Sponsors: Helping sponsors reach attendees in a more interactive and engaging way is another key priority for planners, and mobile apps are a perfect way to help make that happen. This year we’ll start to see a transition away from banner ad integration in event apps, and into interactive, engaging content that drives value for sponsors and attendees alike.

  4. Leveraging Data to Improve Events: When it comes to analytics, event apps deliver like no other, and planners are increasingly looking for insights that can help improve the event experience next time around. As apps become more social and do a better job of connecting sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees we’re seeing entirely new ways to glean insights from usage analytics.

  5. Apps that work across Multiple Events: Planners are looking for apps that can serve multiple events for a single client, enabling networking features and detailed usage analytics across a series of events. Multi-event app solutions are perfect for corporate meetings, associations, or any series of events. Attendify demoed its new multi-event app for the first time at IMEX-Frankfurt, the app will be publicly launched in late June.

The speed of the industry`s growth has been truly inspirational. We’re very excited about the next few months, we’re going to exhibit at a few upcoming shows, like AIBTM, and will be making several major announcements. Attendify team carefully listens to  planners` feedback and opinions to be able to continue providing the best solutions and grow with our clients.
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