Interactive Maps are Here! Help attendees find their way by creating dynamic, fully customizable venue maps in minutes.


With endless rows of exhibits, conference rooms that look alike, and last minute changes, finding your way during an event can be a frustrating experience for attendees. Wouldn’t it be great if you could build an interactive map into your event app in minutes?

Today we’re very excited to announce Interactive Maps for your event apps that you can create and preview in minutes. Helping your attendees find exhibitors, sponsors, and breakout rooms has never been easier! Here’s a quick walk-through of how it works:

Creating an Interactive Map:


Creating a map takes just minutes. Start by adding the new “Interactive Map” feature to your app and upload an image of your exhibits, conference rooms, etc. You can upload any image, and even layer multiple maps together to show different areas of your venue. Once uploaded you can begin linking content from other features in your app to your map.

Link Exhibitors, Sponsors, Sessions, or even Speakers! 


Adding links and interactivity to your app takes seconds. Press the “+ Location” button in the left hand corner, fill in the location name, and create a link to one of the exhibitors, sponsors, sessions, or even speakers in your app. When attendees click on that area of the map they’ll see a pop-up that links directly to the exhibitor, session, etc. Most importantly the link works two ways, when attendees browse the list of sessions or exhibitors they can jump right to the map and see exactly where to find them.

Instant Preview:


Like any Attendify feature you can preview your work instantly in the browser just by clicking on “Preview” or on your mobile phone by downloading Attendify Studio for iOS or Android. Click around the map and explore all the links you’ve created, if you have multiple maps layered together use the switch control right below the navigation bar of your app to flip between maps.

Updating Your App:


Interactive Maps automatically work with any new apps, but some existing apps may need to be updated and resubmitted to the App Store™ and Google Play™. To check and request an update, login to your Attendify account and on the dashboard look for the red dot next to your app. Click on the settings menu and then “Update” to request the latest version be submitted to the App Store and Google Play. You’ll be up and running with your new interactive map enabled app in days.

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