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Introducing Attendify’s RTMP Support for Live Streaming Events!

We’re excited to announce the launch of RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) support for Attendify’s native live streaming, which is now available for immediate use within our virtual & mobile event platform. RTMP support is a fancy way of saying that your event’s AV (Audio/Visual) company can now easily broadcast a professional live video stream to Attendify in seconds. Let’s dive right in to explore how Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming works, and why it’s so important for virtual and hybrid event experiences.

What is RTMP?

RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol. It’s a way to send audio and video files over the internet, so they can be broadcast to a larger online audience. RTMP enables persistent, low-latency connections, which results in smooth live streaming experiences that can make all the difference for your virtual and hybrid events. RTMP streams can be sent to public delivery channels, like YouTube or Facebook Live; however for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events powered by Attendify, the RTMP-supported live stream is completely private to your event(s), which we’ll dive into further below.

How Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming works

Creating an RTMP Broadcast

As an event planner or marketer, you’ll probably be working with a professional AV company to film, record, and produce the video and audio content you’ll stream, and using an expert audio-visual production service is always our top recommendation when it comes to broadcasting your live event via RTMP. Your AV company will know exactly what to do with the RTMP links Attendify provides (more on that below), and you’ll be up and streaming professionally-produced videos to your event’s audience in no time.

If you’re going it alone, you’ve got lots of options for software tools that can help you produce a professional live stream without needing to get overly technical. One of the most popular tools is OBS, which is free to use and can easily be set up to livestream to Attendify, but there are also many other options available.

Best of all, live streaming delivered through Attendify’s event platform is completely private, and you can control if, and when, recordings are made available after your live sessions conclude. If your objective is to deliver video and audio content exclusively to your online event audience, Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming capabilities can help you achieve your aim with ease.

Attendify’s RTMP Settings

Regardless of how your video stream is created, by your professional AV partner or on your own, setting it up to be broadcast via RTMP in Attendify is incredibly easy. If you’re using Attendify to stream your sessions all you need to do is select the RTMP stream type within the session settings, as shown below. That’s it!

How to set up Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming

Once RTMP is selected, save your session, and we’ll automatically generate an endpoint, along with a stream secret (access key). Follow these same simple steps for every session that needs to support an RTMP stream, and pass those links and access keys to your AV company.

Access keys ensure privacy for Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming

If your event has dozens of sessions, we made it easy to export all of its RTMP-specific links into one file, so you can pass them to your AV company and easily coordinate your streaming workflow. After publishing your event, head over to the management console, hover over the Analytics menu item, and select Archives. At the top, select “RTMP Links,” to quickly and effortlessly generate and export the report.

Share Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming links with your AV company with ease

Live or Pre-Recorded Video

While the primary purpose of Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming is to help you deliver a professional live videocast for your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, RTMP can also be used to broadcast pre-recorded videos. One common use case is broadcasting a pre-recorded session within Attendify’s virtual event experience, which enables your speakers, or other experts, to seamlessly switch over to participate in a live Q&A with your remote attendees. This process can be tricky to pull off with basic video conferencing tools, like Zoom, but it can be accomplished smoothly and with relative ease, using OBS or similar tools. As mentioned earlier, we always recommend working with a professional AV company, when possible. That said, broadcasting pre-recorded video and/or transitioning to simultaneous live broadcasts is manageable with limited technical experience. See this tutorial video for an accessible guide to using OBS for self-service, but we’d advise you to please proceed with caution when trying this approach for the first time.

What’s Next?

We’re constantly working on improving video experiences, as well as building new ways to broadcast content to and foster connection among your event communities. The launch of Attendify’s RTMP and live streaming support within our integrated online and mobile event app platform is another step towards giving you additional flexibility to run valuable and engaging attendee experiences across any event format, so we’d love to hear what you think.

Please email us, or click the chat button to let us know if you have any RTMP, live streaming, or any other event technology questions.

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Introducing Attendify’s RTMP Support for Live Streaming Events!