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Introducing Channels: Unite Attendees with Shared Interests

Today we’re announcing an exciting new feature designed to connect like-minded attendees and foster micro-communities at your live, hybrid or virtual events. This feature was originally developed for Attendify’s mobile event apps but will also be making its way into our virtual event platform. For more information on our virtual platform please see our recent product preview and pricing information posts. 

At Attendify, we’re constantly looking to innovate technology that empowers both event pros and the attendees they serve. So we’re thrilled to announce the launch Channels within our mobile event app and forthcoming virtual event platform. The Channels feature allows planners to set up micro-communities within their apps in minutes, giving participants specific forums where they can connect on a variety of topics. 

Channels comes standard with any event app and virtual package, and embraces the user-friendly interface the events industry has come to expect from Attendify. Channels are complemented by a host of other in-app personal networking features, including Private Messaging, Group Chats and more.

Finding your people, your community at an event can be challenging. We’ve all been at events and felt a little lost – that’s why we’re so excited about launching Channels. The ability to launch thematic micro-communities gives events a really powerful way to connect people and foster learning.

Use Cases:

The list of use cases for segmented chat channels within an event app is as long as that of viable conversation topics — that is, endless. It’s well worth noting that while channeled conversations are a real boon to the attendee experience, they can also exponentially boost event organizer productivity. Take these scenarios, for instance:

Use Case: Peer to Peer Learning

Embrace peer-to-peer learning by connecting attendees interested in particular topics: For example, at a Marketing Conference you might have one channel dedicated to Content Management, another focused on Marketing Automation and yet another that showcases conversations about Demand Gen. The event team could get the ball rolling with feeder questions, or even bring in subject matter experts to drive the conversation! 

Use Case: Frequently Asked Questions

Enhance the attendee experience by dedicating a channel to frequently asked questions or tips for first-time event-goers. For example, a FAQ channel could include Wifi password and instructions, a list of the top local restaurants, and tips for getting to the airport quickly and cost-effectively. Instead of muddying up the in-app activity stream, the event team could use leverage this channel as a warehouse for common questions and concerns, and offer it as an easy way for attendees and partners to get their questions answered in real-time.  

Use Case: Event Communication

Maximize the efficiency of event communications by positioning channels as dedicated communications hubs for sponsors, exhibitors or the event team. For example, to remind exhibitors about specific tear-down rules and regulations, event organizers could post a message in the Exhibitors channel instead of sending out an email (which may be missed during a busy event) or posting a flyer in their booths (which is not environmentally friendly and easily lost). 

In today’s digital environment, event pros are challenged to provide attendees with fresh, relevant content on demand. When well designed, a channeled chat feature allows planners to facilitate dedicated portals on an endless number of topics, capitalizing on both event participants’ hunger for peer-to-peer learning and the undeniable need for streamlined communications. 

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