We’re giving you the ability to further customize your app by creating custom colors to perfectly match your app’s navigation bar and icons to your logo, header image or brand. Here’s how to get started:

Choose custom color

Log into the Attendify dashboard to begin building your app. After filling in your app name, the next step is choosing colors, under Appearance. There, you’ll see a drop-down menu with 14 default colors and the new Custom Color button. You can also go back and adjust your color preferences even after you’ve submitted and published your app, and updates will reflect instantly.

See what you can change

If you know the desired HEX color code, you may enter it here, or move the cursor within the color spectrum to create unique, custom colors. Not sure if you’re working with HEX color codes? Here’s a helpful site with additional info.

Change nav bar color

Please note there are two separate options: The first will only customize the navigation bar. The second (below) will customize the menu icon color and text color within the navigation bar.

Change text&icon color


There you have it! Our goal is to make each app more unique by giving you the ability to incorporate your brand, event and logo colors, so we hope you find this update useful.