Introducing Leaderboard A Digital Scoreboard for Your Event

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Gamification is the strategy of applying game principles in order to motivate people to engage with a product or service. By implementing Leaderboard on your Attendify app, you’ll give attendees an actionable goal to achieve on your social platform, thus driving engagement and maximizing social interaction!

Leaderboard automatically calculates each attendee’s social interaction score and displays your top users. The more attendees engage with your app, the more points they’ll score, creating friendly competition.


disable leaderboard@2xHow to Enable Leaderboard

The Attendify platform already enables your attendees to interact with sponsors, vendors, speakers and other attendees in many different ways. Through Leaderboard—a section within the Attendify Hub Analytics Dashboard—all of these interactions can be tracked and assigned point values.


how to adjust scoring@2xAdjust Scoring

Assigning point values to in-app actions allows you to strategically target the activities you want your audience to see or do. Navigating to the Settings tab within the Hub and clicking Gamification will allow you access and modify values for in-app actions. You can manually adjust the scoring and assign point values to each action.

sorting@2xSorting Options

You now also have the option of sorting your attendees by not only Leaderboard score, but also first name, last name and company. This allows you to see your most engaged attendees quickly and effectively. For example: Would you like to know who your most engaged attendees are from a particular company? Simply sort by company name and we’ll show you those users at a glance!

updateHow to Update your App

To get the latest update and gain access to Leaderboard and the exciting features that come with it, just click on the settings button and select “update.” You’ll instantly have access to Leaderboard and you’ll be on your way to maximizing social engagement at your event.

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