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All Resources Attendify News Introducing MeetNow: Meaningful Engagement for Your Virtual Event Sponsors, Just One-Click Away

Introducing MeetNow: Meaningful Engagement for Your Virtual Event Sponsors, Just One-Click Away

We’re excited to announce the launch of MeetNow, a real-time networking and 1:1 meeting solution, which is now available in Attendify’s virtual event platform and was designed to drive more leads for your virtual sponsors and exhibitors. MeetNow is a one-click solution to the challenges facing today’s event sponsors in achieving the level and quality of attendee engagement necessary to drive ROI from virtual events.

Our goal was to recreate the same freedom and discovery-driven dynamic that attendees experience when they can walk up to an exhibitor booth at an in-person event, only now within a digital environment. With MeetNow, instead of taking a few steps, attendees simply can use one click to connect on-demand with their virtual, or hybrid, event sponsors and exhibitors. Here’s what we’re launching today:

  1. Easy Sponsor Onboarding – This allows organizers to add and onboard sponsors by simply entering the sponsor rep’s email address, so they can begin using MeetNow.
  2. Meeting Widgets – Sponsor profiles will now automatically feature a widget that enables attendees to initiate a 1:1 online meeting, with an event sponsor of their choice.
  3. Live Video Conferencing – This provides sponsor and attendee connections to occur instantly in the browser with audio, video and screen sharing for the sponsor.
  4. Mobile Calling – Because Attendify’s platform is fully integrated, mobile is natively supported out-of-the-box, so attendees can place calls to & engage one on one with sponsors, right from their phones.

Easy Sponsor Onboarding

Sponsor features are only as good as their adoption rates, which is why we made the invite process and onboarding process as easy as possible. As an event host, or organizer, all you need to do is enter the email address for your sponsor reps on their profile; you can add just one sponsor representative, or up to 25 additional reps, per profile. As soon as you add each of your sponsors’ team members, they’ll get an email to onboard and will be able to sign in, like any attendee, to access your Attendify-powered virtual event experience.


From the sponsor’s perspective, there’s nothing to set up, nor configure. There’s also no need for a separate portal or app, as this process happens entirely within Attendify’s next-generation virtual platform. Your sponsors, or exhibitors, can login and enable personalized call visibility based on their availability in MeetNow. As soon as they do, they’re ready to participate in meetings with and accept calls from attendees.


Meeting Widgets

Once a sponsor sets their status, as available after logging in, they’re ready to accept calls and meetings. It’s that easy! The meeting widget on their sponsor profile instantly shows who’s available to connect, and from that point, attendees can  connect with sponsors for a live call, or meeting–all in one simple click.


Live Video Conferencing

Once attendees initiate an on-demand video call, sponsors will have 30 seconds to respond and accept, or decline with a message. Once a call is accepted your sponsor and attendee are instantly connected to engage using  live video conferencing. These video meetings are personal, real-time, and were designed to give sponsors the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation, just like they would in a real-life setting.


Once in a video conference call, sponsors can share their audio (required), webcam, and even share their screen for a live product demo, or custom presentation. You can set a call duration limit to ensure that each call conforms to your event’s format.


Mobile Calling

Attendify’s mobile apps have always been a key part of our platform, and we think that mobile is essential to the future of virtual and hybrid event experiences. That’s why we’re excited to also provide support for mobile calling–from day one. Your attendees can not only click to connect to sponsors from their mobile app, but also  learn about sponsors’ products and services from anywhere. Sponsors are purposefully limited to using Attendify’s web version of the virtual event experience, which allows them to share their screen and connect in a more intimate, personal setting.


What’s Next?

There’s always more around the corner! Just check out our roadmap to learn about the next-generation virtual and hybrid event capabilities we’re developing. Along with other features, we’re also working hard to extend MeetNow’s functionality to empower connections between all attendees. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting announcements, and thank you to all our customers and users for your continued support!

Want to Learn More?

Want to find out how Attendify can help you build, manage, and maximize the ROI on your virtual and hybrid events? If so, be sure to check out our instant platform demo today—and even, get started on building your next virtual event experience for free.

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