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Introducing Social Lead Retrieval from Attendify


There are a several reasons companies exhibit at trade shows and conferences, including increasing brand awareness, developing and strengthening business relationships, and maybe even finding new employees. But the top reason most companies exhibit at a trade shows is to collect leads.

However, the traditional lead generation model at trade shows is broken. Exhibitors either accumulate business cards, fill out paper lead forms or use lead scanners to capture leads. These old-school techniques simply don’t gather enough data about event attendees, and none of these options provide exhibitors with real-time behavioral information about prospects.

Also, lead scanners are typically unfamiliar devices that are tethered to the booth, making the lead collection process awkward and clumsy. No one likes to be scanned like produce in a grocery store. That creates a barrier to connecting with attendees and gets the relationship off to a shaky start.

Now event organizers have another option. They can now drive better exhibitor ROI and create a new revenue stream at their events with the world’s first and only Social Lead Retrieval technology, Attendify Leads.

Here are the main reasons Attendify Leads is completely redefining lead retrieval at trade shows.

  1. Socially Enabled: When a new lead is scanned, the exhibitor is notified any time that lead comments, likes or interacts with the Attendify event app’s activity stream. This way, exhibitors can use that information to facilitate conversations during the event and help them follow up afterward.
  2. Fully Mobile: Attendify Leads uses exhibitors’ existing smartphones and mobile devices. That means they will learn the system easily and reduce the typical awkwardness. Plus, they can capture leads wherever and whenever an interaction happens, not just in the booth.
  3. Completely Customizable: Exhibitors have the ability to create custom surveys, so they can easily segment and qualify leads based on their unique criteria.
  4. Seamless Setup: Onboarding exhibitors happens in a matter of minutes. Show booth staff how to use the system and easily train them on the exhibitor portal so they can view analytics.
  5. Flexible Pricing: Two pricing models let event organizers either pay an affordable fee per license and charge whatever they want, or choose the revenue share option and split the income with no up-front costs.
  6. Deep Insights: The intuitive management system, helps trade show organizers monitor exhibitor performance to help them show success and generate even more leads.

Attendify Leads is a standalone app that does not require an internet connection to process leads so it can be used with or without WIFI. The leads and accompanying social data can be exported in a variety of formats or synced directly to many CRM systems.

For more information about Attendify Leads, please visit link.

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