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Is Your Event App’s UX Amazing or a Monster?

Pop quiz! Choose the correct answer to the following question.

When it comes to event apps, selecting one with a stellar user experience (UX) is critical to:

a. Maintaining event organizers’ sanity

b. Providing an excellent attendee experience

c. Are you kidding me? All of the above

d. What’s an event app?

Okay, this was an easy one, and the answer is of course “C” (it’s always C in fictional scenarios). Here’s why.

The “Event App Equation”

The reason behind the importance of your event app’s UX is really twofold. From an attendee standpoint, it’s all about being able to arrive at an event and hit the ground running. Studies show that, on average, attendees routinely fork over more than $1500 to attend events. They’re giving up time with their family and stepping away from critical projects at work to attend your function. So they don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use your event app — they’re keen to start networking, learning and influencing as soon as possible.

From an event pro’s point of view, it’s all about productivity. Planners often have an annual event calendar in the double digits, and usually lack a team of IT pros to help them manage an app. So it’s no surprise that 79 percent of organizers said they want an event app that’s easy to set up and manage.

Let’s call it the “Event App Equation”:

An intuitive interface = increased app adoption = enhanced staff and attendee engagement = an upsurge in actionable event data = a boost in long-term event ROI.

The event app equation

How to gauge an event app’s UX

Great, you say, but with hundreds of event tech options on the market, how can you tell if the UX of the event app you’re about to buy is fantastic or Frankensteinian?

Not to worry, it’s not hard if you do a little homework first. The following are the top four signs that an event app has a great user experience. It should offer:

Making sure an event app has a smooth user experience is a crucial component of the event app buyer’s journey. Hungry for more tips on how to find the best app for your event? Download our Ultimate Event App Buyer’s Guide today. Best of luck!

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