Since the launch of the Multi-Event App and Attendify Hub v2 in August, we’ve seen associations, corporate meeting planners, and dozens of other events transition to the new platform. Today we’re excited to announce an update for the way Multi-Event apps are built; a simpler, more streamlined approach that will make it even easier for planners to build an app that drives engagement year-round. Here’s how the new process for creating a Multi-Event App works:

Step 1 – Create the Container:

Attendify’s Multi-Event App is different form other event apps because its designed to offer more than just an event experience. We created a whole set of features that live “above” each individual event and allow planners to share information with attendees that’s relevant across events. These features are added at the “container level” and include sections like news & Twitter feeds, staff lists, partner/sponsor lists and more.

The first step to building your multi-event app is creating the container and adding features you want to access across events and uploading graphics like the main header image and icon. You can update content and add features anytime after your app is published, so don’t worry about getting things 100% right the first time.

Step 2 – Add Events:

One of the big changes we made with this release is enabling the creation of individual events in your app while building the container. Just click the drop-down menu and select “Add Event” to start creating events within your app. You can add up to two events prior to submitting your Multi-Event app.

Step 3 – Preview:

Because events are now build at the same time as your app container, the preview you can see in Attendify Studio (Download on: iOS | Android) becomes much more valuable. Test every aspect of your multi-event app; explore the features available at the container level, check-into events, post content within the preview version, and much more!

Step 4 – Publish your App:

Publishing your app is quick and easy… Just submit through Attendify Hub and your app will be approved within 7-10 business days. One of the big advantages of the Multi-Event app is that you can add new events instantly without further App Store reviews. We’ll also keep your app updated with any new features and enhancements throughout the year, so you always have the latest and greatest event app!

Simplified Pricing: 

Last, but definitely not least, we updated our pricing plan to better align with what most of our clients requested. We got rid of the monthly plan and left only an annual subscription of $1,999 and now the first event is included in the price of the annual subscription. Each additional event added to your multi-event app is still just $499.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply in the comments below or email us directly: