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Losing Your Mind Planning Multiple Events? Leverage Tech

You don’t have to be in the event planning business long before you’re well-versed in the art of juggling various stakeholder demands, adapting to last-minute budget changes and completely revising a schedule with minutes to spare. It’s a profession infamous for tight deadlines, high detail and scant breaks, so it’s really not a big surprise that a recent study ranked being an event coordinator the fifth most stressful job behind the likes of firefighter and — yes — enlisted soldier.

The good news? Over the last decade, there’s been no shortage of technological advancements in the events industry. Savvy event pros are turning to tech as a way to alleviate stress, do more with scant resources and automate rote tasks. The trick is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and figure out which solutions will increase your productivity and performance (instead of adding to your already long list of headaches).

Adopt smart productivity

It’s time to trade in your old-fashioned paper planners and Excel spreadsheets for modern productivity solutions designed to help even technically challenged event planners gain a digital edge on event stress. Here are a few of our favorite tools:

Event planners can benefit from digital project management tools
Today’s event profs are borrowing digital technologies from their project management peers.

Encourage mobile devices

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, and the event industry is no exception. Designed to increase event organizer productivity and attendee engagement, event apps provide limitless opportunities for planners to interact with attendees from the comfort of their phones. The best offer:

Event apps provide limitless opportunities for planners to interact with attendees.

Automate event registration 

Online event registration tools allow event pros to quickly capture attendee preferences for ticket types, sessions, travel logistics or dietary preferences and put them to work immediately. You can:

It's time to automate your event registration
Simplify attendee check-in with online event registration tools.

Power up with integrations

There are a plethora of tools available on the market today promising to save planners time. Unfortunately, and especially when it comes to freemium event-tech solutions, they don’t always integrate well with existing solutions. It’s crucial to consider whether the components in your event tech stack are going to “play nice” with each other. Look for: 

Avoid data frustrations by choosing event technology with a solid backend data platform
There’s no bigger headache than stitching together mounds of multi-system event data.

Do you have a solution you swear by for making otherwise tedious event tasks easier or for keeping organized while managing multiple events? Share it with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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