Meet Attendify’s New Social App!

Networking is at the core of any successful event, but breaking the ice and managing new relationships is a challenge for attendees and event planners alike.  That’s why we’re really excited to launch our new social app! After 6 months of beta testing at over 100 events, with tons of new features and improvements we’re ready to announce version 1.0!  Check out the video and description all the new features below:

The core of the Social App is the Timeline, a single place to interact with the content attendees are sharing.  Photos, messages, new profile alerts, tweets, news stories and more… its all on the timeline.

Attendees can quickly post messages and photos to the timeline, or even cross post them to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, helping to start conversations.  Social content shared at your event helps encourage others to get involved and increases the likelihood new connections are made.

Likes and comments make social content more fun and dynamic, but most importantly they help attendees break the ice and get to know each other in a simple, familiar way.  A single like or comment can spark conversations and help bring attendees closer together.

Everyone using the app has a social profile that tracks activity in the app providing the context needed to make new connections.  Attendees can search profiles and easily find new people to connect with and reach out with a private message, or add people to a personalized follow-up list to reach out after the event.  Privacy settings protect users from unwanted messages to ensure a fun, professional, and safe environment for everyone.

We built the Social App with event planners in mind… we know how important it is to manage content and ensure that anything shared in the app is consistent with your event’s values.  That’s why we created a management control panel that allows you to send push notifications, hide any inappropriate content shared, or even block users who consistently misuse the app.  The Social App delivers social engagement on your terms.

Let us know your thoughts, we can’t wait to hear your feedback!

– Team Attendify