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All Resources Monetize Your Event App and Drive Engagement for Sponsors with Native Ads

Monetize Your Event App and Drive Engagement for Sponsors with Native Ads


As an event manager, you know that choosing the right mobile event app can make a huge impact on your conference or event.

Not only should your event app offer a clear mobile interface with features like maps and schedules, but any app worth investing in must also offer effective tools to drive sponsor engagement. You need to be able to show sponsors that partnering in your event can offer them a strong ROI.

When it comes to sponsor engagement what works and what doesn’t?

Banners are out. Native is in.


Universally disliked by users, banner ads have long been considered a necessary advertising evil. The old thinking was that interruption and distraction were effective in promoting brands. Offering shareable content of value to the user was not even a consideration because of technological limitations and an old-school mentality about advertising.

Studies show that click through rates on banner ads are so low, you are more likely to summit Mount Everest than click a banner ad. They aren’t most effective way to drive conversions in the mobile app space. Not only do people ignore or simply despise them, but their static position on a screen means banner ads take up valuable, limited real estate on a mobile device.

No wonder social networks like Facebook are moving to more effective “native,” “in-feed” or “sponsored post” ads. You’ll find these new ad units on social networks like Twitter and Pinterest, as well as thousands of websites like Buzzfeed.

Native is changing the advertising landscape.

Designed to fit into the timeline of a user’s social feed, sponsored posts integrate into the flow of user-generated posts with a similar style and content. Native ads allow sponsors to promote their brand without disrupting user experience, and most importantly, they work!

The latest research shows that consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads and were more likely to share the content of a native ad with a friend or family member.
3 The app you choose for your event should offer this same dynamic form of advertising for your sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers to both drive engagement, and enrich the experience for conference attendees. To be most effective, ads should offer interesting content that users want and need. For example, a meeting app could allow exhibitors to announce giveaways at their booth, a speaker to send out a link to her latest book, or sponsors to promote a new app for immediate download within the flow of the social timeline. The possibilities are endless.

The impact of native ads is easily measurable, too. You can see how often a native ad was viewed, clicked, or shared in order to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign or enthusiasm for a sponsor.
A conference app that primarily offers static banner ads is behind the times. Choose an event app that allows you to take advantage of in-feed advertising for your sponsors.

To see a details about ad types and see examples visit the Social Ads page on our website:

Say goodbye to disruptive and ineffective banner ads, Attendify’s social ads blend naturally with social content in your app and delivers authentic engagement for sponsors.

With Attendify you can:

What do you think of native, social Ads? Do you use them? Do you notice them? Do you find them helpful?

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