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Attendify’s Multi-Event app and Hub v2 are almost here!

Attendify Hub v2 and the new Multi-Event app
Attendify Hub v2 and the new Multi-Event app

A few months ago we launched our Social App, empowering event planners to create private social networking apps that encourage participation and boost engagement. Our platform makes it easier and more affordable than ever to create a fully branded, customized event app. We’ve seen hundreds of events large and small leverage the app, achieving incredible engagement.

With the experience of launching the Social App and hundreds of events behind us we saw the opportunity to create a multi-event version that can be used for all the events a given organization runs. Whether you run events for an association, corporate meetings, conferences, or any series of recurring events our goal is to help you drive engagement across all your events. The new multi-event app will be released together with a MAJOR update to our platform that will make building apps even easier.

Having burned the midnight oil for countless nights we’re quickly approaching the public launch and wanted to share a preview of what we’re working on with our clients and users. Many of you have been absolutely instrumental in providing feedback and feature ideas that made it into the release. Thank you for your support and we’re very excited to share this preview with you!

The new Multi-Event app's event list & event detail screens.
The new Multi-Event app’s event list & event detail screens.

Having seen the engagement that Attendify’s social app drives we went to work creating an app you can leverage across your entire organization. The new multi-event app delivers the very best of Attendify’s Social App experience to a fully branded, customizable app that brings all your events together.

Every event you add will have its own private community, social networking features, and event app must-haves like a schedule, speakers, sponsors, maps, etc. Adding events is instant, so there’s no more waiting for App Store approval, just private event networking on demand.

Attendify’s multi-event app features simple event discovery tools for attendees making the on-boarding process quick and effortless. Attendees can find events quickly, check-in and join the community. There’s even a new notification center that unifies social and event alerts into a single inbox to help attendees to quickly manage their new connections and important event updates (a feature we’re bringing to single event apps as well).

Attendify Hub v2 - create and manage event apps effortlessly


Whether you need an app for one event, or want to use our new multi-event solution, Attendify Hub v2 simplifies the app authoring and management experience.

We’ve refined Attendify’s look and feel throughout the platform, yet the same simple step-by-step process for creating your app remains in place. Just follow the prompts and test your app instantly right in your browser along with a live preview. Our app fulfillment times remain an industry best, with just a few business days before your app is live in the App Store and Google Play.

Our social management tools have also been updated to give you more control of everything happening in your app. Instantly remove posts you don’t like, engage with likes & comments, send and schedule push notifications, create quick polls and much more!

Import content instantly with Attendify Hub v2

Creating a fully branded, native event app takes as little as 30 minutes with Attendify, but we’re always working to further streamline the process.  An instant content import tool has been one of the most common feature requests, so we’re very excited to release it together with Attendify Hub v2.

Upload an XLS or CSV file created from our downloadable template and you’re done. Content is pulled in instantly and added to your app. Upload content updates via the import tool as many times as you need, or make manual edits in Attendify Hub.

Coming Soon:
Attendify Hub v2, the new multi-event app, and updates to our existing guide & social apps are almost here. The launch will be announced very soon, and all your apps will be automatically migrated to the new platform.

We’re really excited about what’s coming, not only because of the features we’re launching now, but this release is the start of a series of improvements and innovations to help make event apps more accessible, and bring planners, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees closer together for a better event experience.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a demo of the new product:

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