Announcing a New Analytics Dashboard!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of a completely redesigned analytics dashboard! The new features give event planners unprecedented insight into how attendees engage with their event app in near real-time! Take a look at some of the data and insights that the new dashboard delivers…

Key Metrics at a Glance:

When viewing the new analytics dashboard the first thing you’ll see is a snapshot of key usage and engagement metrics. Right below the snapshot there’s a chart visualizing these key metrics and a slider that makes it really easy to narrow down to a specific date range. Here’s what’s covered: 

  • Downloads – number of times your app was downloaded.
  • Sessions – number of unique times users opened the app and used it.
  • Profiles – number of social profiles created in your app.
  • Photos  – number of photos shared to your app’s social timeline.
  • Messages – number of messages shared to your app’s social timeline.
  • Interactions – the sum of the likes and comments posted to your app’s social timeline, a great indicator of how compelling and engaging users find the social content on your app’s timeline.
The new analytics dashboard also enables you to see engagement on a per attendee level. See how many photos, messages, interactions, and private messages the average user contributed. This is a great way to assess how attendees used the social features in your app, particularly once your event is over.
See a full list of attendees sorted by their social activity level using the leaderboard feature. This is a great way to see who the key influencers were in your app. Attendees earn points by sharing content and are rewarded with bonus points for sharing content that garners a strong response from the event community through likes & comments. You can even build games around the leaderboard and reward attendees who participated the most.
Get a full breakdown of how attendees used your app on a feature-by-feature basis. See which sections of the app were most popular and what content within those sections got the most attention (individual speakers, sponsors, sessions, etc.).  Easily filter through all the content in your app with just a few clicks.
Know exactly how many of your attendees are using iOS vs Android platforms with a pie chart that shows the total number of mobile devices and the percentage breakdown.
Export analytics to XLS or CSV files to easily share your reports with other teams, or import it into other sales/analytics tools to leverage your event app data in other areas of your business.
Let us know what you think about the new analytics features! We’re going to add new reports and features in the coming months, making engagement and usage data a bigger part of our platform.
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