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New Social Management Experience!

Photos, messages, likes, comments, polls, private messages… the way attendees engage at your event is changing, and that’s a good thing! You want to give attendees as many ways to be seen and heard as possible, but managing new channels can be challenging. How do you stay in control of the conversation? How do you measure engagement? What if someone posts something inappropriate? There can be a lot to worry about.

Those are just a few reasons we’re so excited to launch Attendify’s new social management experience, its going to change the way you engage with attendees! In a nutshell, we put you in complete control of almost any interaction in your app. Let’s take a look…

Activity Stream@2x

Activity Stream – your event app’s activity stream is where attendees spend most of their time. It’s the pulse of your event, the place attendees share their thoughts, ideas, and impressions. Our new social management tools give you direct access, showing you all the content shared, who posted it, and giving you the ability to remove it instantly. Every time a new post appears you’ll see it in the management dashboard and can make changes in realtime. You also see a snapshot showing you how much content was posted today and always have access to detailed analytics.

Photo Preview@2x

Interactions – click on any of the photos or messages on the activity stream and you’ll see a beautiful overview of the content and the likes and comments posted by other attendees. You can even remove any of the comments posted, you’re in full control!

Profile Details@2x

Attendee Profiles – jump over to the profiles section and get insights into how every attendee is engaging with your event on an individual basis. See a full rundown of what they posted, how they voted, how they rated speakers and sessions, etc.

Push Notifications@2x

Targeted Push Messages – push messages have always been part of Attendify’s platform, but we’re making the ability to target and schedule push notifications better than ever. Create groups of attendees and send targeted push messages to easily manage your communication with sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, etc. You can even send targeted push messages to individual attendees, so if someone is about to miss a session or their bus back to the airport you can reach them instantly.


Polls – polls now have their own dedicated section and they’ve never been easier to create or manage. Create a new poll in seconds and see how everyone voted instantly. You can post polls to your app’s activity stream, or within sessions for simple, effective session feedback tool.

The new social management experience works automatically work with every app, even if your event has already passed. There’s no need to request an update to your app, it all works automatically!  If you have questions, comments, feedback please reach out in the comments or drop us a line

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