Pages Lets you Create a Beautiful, Custom, Branded Space for your Organization

To help event planners promote their organization and events, Attendify is launching Pages, a free, unique, branded space for your organization within the new Attendify App. We created Pages because we understand the importance of having your own space that showcases branded content and allows you to connect with your audience.

Apple’s recent updates to its App Store guidelines have brought container apps to the forefront. For some customers, not having a branded icon caused concerns about visibility for app owners. Attendify Pages is the answer. Now, you can elevate your brand presence and promote your organization elegantly within the Attendify App.

Pages are easy to build and fully customizable, so attendees can effortlessly access all your events. Each organization’s Page is simple to manage so you can create beautiful, intuitive spaces that all your event attendees can access and follow. In addition to creating a community where attendees can access all your events, you can personalize your Page with the following content assets:

  • Logo – Prominently feature your brand by uploading your organization’s logo.
  • Cover image – Bring your organization’s unique branding and style to Attendify with a cover image.
  • Organization description – List your mission statement, the purpose of event you organize, etc. 
  • Physical locations – Include your organization’s physical address or headquarters.
  • About – Allows you to present all the information that attendees should know about the event. 
  • Partner listings – Create a list of companies that are affiliated with your organization, including a detailed profile for each one.
  • Team – List members of your organization, including detailed profile information for each individual.
  • Photos & Videos (coming soon)

Create Your Unique Page

Pages is free to use and available now to all Attendify App clients, so there’s no need to make any manual changes or updates to your account. Pages is already available in your Attendify Dashboard, so simply sign in as you always do, click on the Apps section and select the Pages tab to get started.

Right away you’ll notice that creating a Page is reminiscent of building an event app; it’s a simple step-by-step process. Just go through the steps and add your organization’s branding and content. Content can be uploaded both manually and in bulk and can be edited at any given time— even after your Page is published. We recommend using colorful and lively imagery and logos to ensure your brand stands out.

Once all your desired company info is added, you’re ready to review your Page and publish it within the Attendify container app. Having all your events prominently featured on your organization’s Page makes building a community around your events easier than ever. Attendees can follow your page and gain access to your branding, events, news items and more!

Creating your organization’s Page is a great way to maintain brand visibility and keep your community updated about all your events. We hope you enjoy this valuable (and free!) feature, and as always, we welcome feedback. Please let us know what you think about Pages by leaving a reply in the comments. Thank you for your continued partnership. We’ll be back soon with more valuable features to enhance your events, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on other important product news.

Attendify Roadmap

Interested in what Team Attendify is up to? Stay updated on all upcoming product releases by checking out the public Attendify Roadmap. We’ve received great feedback so far, and we’re ecstatic about the positive response. If you missed our February update, our team brought you Sentiment Analysis to help measure the overall spirit of live events, so be sure to check it out!

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