Personalized Schedules for your Attendees!

Does your event have multiple tracks? Do you have attendee groups that need to have their own schedules? Perhaps you have pre-conference sessions that your users must subscribe to before they are visible to them. Well then, we have just the tool for you…

How it Works:

The Personalized Schedule feature allows you to create a unique agenda for your attendees based on their job title, interests, registration level or any other criteria that fit your needs.

If you are running an event aimed at different audiences this feature will come in very handy. Personalized Schedules give you the ability to restrict the access to general agenda and show only required sessions to specific attendees. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to create them!


Setting Things Up:

The first step is ensuring you’ve uploaded all of your attendees and sessions into your app. Once that’s done, navigate to the Schedule tab from within the Content section of your Hub and click Settings. Once there, pull down the Schedule Type menu, select Personalized Schedule and click Save.


Attendee Grid:

Next, move over to the Import button (to the left of the Settings button) and download the Attendee Grid. This will give you a spreadsheet file that contains all attendees and sessions.


Working with the Attendee Grid File:

Once you’ve opened the Attendee Grid, you can start setting up Personalized Schedules. Identify the attendees that should be going to certain sessions by placing an “x” (without quotation marks) under the corresponding session’s column. Make sure to save your work!

  • Tip #1: If you have attendees in this list that should be able to view your schedule in its entirety, make sure to mark all the session columns with an x in their name’s row.
  • Tip #2: Don’t delete the email or session columns, as doing so will invalidate the template. Any edits to attendees should be done in the People section of the Attendify Hub.


Importing the Attendee Grid:

Now that you’ve created the Personalized Schedules, it’s time to import them into the app. Go back into the Attendify Hub and in the Schedule tab click the Import button. From here, you can drag & drop your newly created Personalized Schedule file from your desktop into the gray box (alternatively, you can search your computer for the file). Once the upload is processed you’re done! All your Personalized Schedules will be placed into the each attendee’s schedule.


Have questions? Comments? Email us at or use the comments section below. Cheers!

Team Attendify