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Promote your Event App for Peak Engagement

Event planners have more than enough on their plates, so when it comes to promoting an event app, it`s easy to overlook a few simple strategies that can do wonders for boosting adoption and engagement. Let`s take a look at a few best practices:

Get started early:

  1. Unless there’s a particular reason to hold back that’s unique to your event, we recommend announcing the app as soon as it’s published in app stores. Building awareness takes time, and you’ll want to make sure attendees have plenty of time to download the app before your event.

  2. If you’re using an app with social features make sure to seed some content. Attendify’s Social App has a private timeline for social content like photos & messages, so you’ll want to share a few things early to kickstart the conversation. Sharing a photo of the venue, teasing some information about event content and special guests is always an excellent way to get people excited.

Leverage your event website:

  1. Announce the app on your event’s website.

  2. Write a blog post describing your new app. Keep it short, simple, clear and engaging: mention the keywords to search in app stores to find the app, provide direct links and a QR code.

  3. Place a banner with a QR code with direct links to the app on high traffic areas of your website.

Your email list is your best friend:

  1. Announce the app in the newsletter and make sure to promote its value as a networking tool and digital event guide. Make sure to tailor the message to your audience, if you think they’ll love your app’s social features and emphasize them in the newsletter to get everyone excited.

  2. Include a reminder about the app in each email blast you send out before the event.

Post & tweet your way to adoption:
  1. Visuals: Update your Facebook Fan Page cover image having added an app announcement with a QR code on it. While visiting your page, followers will definitely notice that blurb.

  2. Posts: Post and tweet about the app as soon as it`s available for download. Be sure to post about the app on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles at least a few times.

  3. Video: Although it may sound intimidating at first, creating a quick demo video for your app is easier than ever and it’s a great way to explain your app’s value to attendees. There is a number of tools that can help you to capture screen video from an app; you might find Screen Record Utility, Voila, and Reflector handy for this task.

Build on your success:

Create and use right hashtags and share some in-app content when tweeting during the event. Attendees` in-app behavior can be engaged by you: RT and/or share the most interesting images shared in the app via official Instagram account. We all want our 15 minutes of fame ;-)

Have your speakers pitch-in:

  1. Ask the keynote speaker to present the app in his/her introductory speech. Attendees should know why and how they must get it.

  2. Engage speakers to mention the app publicly and via social accounts. They carry a lot of weight and can be a huge influence on the behavior of attendees. Urge speakers to become engaged socially and post to the timeline: having noticed that, attendees will open up and also start connecting.

Make the most of on-site promo opportunities:

  1. If you use printed promo materials, they should highlight the most attractive features of the app and contain a QR code that will allow to install it.

  2. Place them in high-traffic areas such as registration stands. Train staff to inform each visitor about the app and to be able to help to download it.

  3. Stable WiFi connection also increases the number of the official event app downloads.

Create high – quality content:

  1. The best promotion is the peer-to-peer one. Target your efforts on high-quality content people will talk about offline, making others interested in getting and using the app.

  2. Ensure the moderator creates interesting polls, highlights definite posts, posts him/herself giving example to other app users. Social event apps are a relatively new product and audience needs to be educated the ways it should be used to get the best out of it.

Now that you have all these ideas to promote your mobile event app, it’s time to get started! If we have overlooked anything, please let us know in the comments.

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