Quick Polling Arrives on the Social Event App!

Engaging attendees and creating a more interactive event experience is a priority for event planners, that’s why we’re excited to launch Quick Polls! The ability to ask questions and display results in real-time has been one of the most requested features since we launched the new Social App in October.  Here’s an overview of how it works:

It all starts with a simple tool for creating and posting a multiple-choice Quick Poll. Login to your Attendify account and enter the social management area for your Social App. Once there you’ll spot a Quick Poll button, enter your question and add as many answer choices as needed. You can configure privacy settings allowing attendees to see poll results on their phone immediately after voting, or restricting access to poll results until you’re ready to display them. Creating polls is a snap, and publishing them to your Social App’s timeline takes just seconds.

Once published attendees will see the poll on the timeline and can respond with a few taps. If you selected to display poll results in the app, attendees will be able to see results right after voting and keep track of changes as other attendees respond. Responding to a quick poll couldn’t be simpler and adds a new dimension to the social timeline that enhances the event experience.

In addition to displaying results in the app itself, you also have access to a dedicated webpage that shows voting in real time. You can display all your polls on one page, or search them to display results of only one specific poll question.  As new votes trickle in the page will update automatically.

Once your poll is published you can easily make changes, see results, open and close voting, etc. Just switch to the “Your Polls” tab in the Quick Polling menu to make changes to existing polls. You can also view results to see how individual attendees voted, giving you full visibility into the voting process.

Please note that if you are a current Social App subscriber then your app it will be updated in the coming weeks to include the Quick Poll feature.  If you subscribed to the Beta Social App please email support@attendify.com for additional information about updating your app.

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