Attendify Roadmap Update: Introducing Sentiment Analysis

Late last year, we made the decision to publish our Product Roadmap. It was definitely a bold move, and we were a bit apprehensive, but we moved forward and set out to create an ongoing commitment to innovation for the benefit of our customers.

We’re delighted to bring you our first Roadmap update of 2018; the introduction of Sentiment Analysis to the Attendify platform!

Sentiment Analysis is especially exciting for us as this is Attendify’s very first feature to use machine learning algorithms and apply them to event engagement data to help event organizers make decisions.

With Sentiment Analysis, we’ll automatically analyze every message on your app’s activity stream, provide a sentiment rating for each post, then convert those ratings into an overall score.

Sentiment Analysis helps organizers:

  • Look at the event’s overall score as an indicator of how the event is connecting with the audience.
  • Utilize sentiment data to see what’s working and what’s not working at your events, to immediately address any potential concerns or amplify what is working.
  • Look at individual attendee sentiment scores to see what they’re saying and find out which attendees are happy and which aren’t.
  • Push sentiment scores to Attendify Audiences to see if specific keywords (such as Sponsors, Speakers, etc.) were used with positive, neutral or negative statements. Then use that information to personalize follow-up marketing campaigns.

Getting Started

Sentiment analysis is automatically included with all Attendify powered event apps, there’s nothing to setup, nothing to update, it’s live right now! If you have an Attendify event app, login to your dashboard and click over to the social management area. All your current and past events have been scored automatically!

Once you’re in the social management area, you’ll notice that every message has an emoji next to it… that emoji symbolizes our algorithm’s best guess for whether the post has positive, neutral or negative sentiment. We’re also summing up all the sentiment scores into an overall score for all the content posted to your event.

Help us learn! 

Our algorithms are more than 70% accurate, which is a great start… but you can help us get even better at understanding the content posted to your app by making adjustments whenever we’re wrong. To do that click on an emoji with that doesn’t accurately reflect the sentiment in the post, and adjust it. Whenever you do, we’ll add that to our training set and eventually, with your help, we’ll get more and more accurate!

How will the feature evolve?

Sentiment Analysis is the first step we’ve taken toward integrating machine learning algorithms and is a precursor of what’s to come. With your help we’ll keep making the algorithms better, and most important deliver ways you can put those insights to work to improve your events. We hope you enjoy this new feature and, as always, we welcome your feedback and comments.

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