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Session Recommendations Help Attendees Navigate Your Event

Event profs are facing the music: It’s an attendee’s world, and their content needs to reflect that trend.

Today’s growing number of meetings and events—offered both on-premise and virtually—means that attendees have more choices when it comes to selecting conferences, trade shows and other functions. What’s more, when it comes to the educational opportunities offered at events, attendees are increasingly demanding content that’s hyper-tailored to their particular areas of interest. “Compelling content is what makes events memorable, drives action from attendees, elevates your brand and creates loyal advocates,” writes Kelly Singsank, Manager of Solutions Marketing at Salesforce.

[NOW LIVE: Attendify Announces Launch of Session Recommendations Feature]

So what’s a planner (who’s most likely already shy of enough time and resources) to do? The industry standard, presenting multiple session tracks that include detailed seminar descriptions and speaker bios, is a good start. Offering your event agenda via an intuitive mobile event app? Even better. But to really help attendees navigate packed agendas and find the content most relevant to them, event pros need to consider guests’ individual needs and interests.

Session Recommendations: Content is king

If helping hundreds of attendees make uber-personalized choices about what sessions they should attend sounds overwhelming, that’s because it would be … without the help of machine learning (ML). “Simply put,” says Attendify Founder and CEO Michael Balyasny, “machine learning takes large sets of data and applies algorithms and statistical models to make predictions. In the meeting and events industry, ML-enhanced features can be applied to solve a variety of dilemmas and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.”

That’s why the Attendify team is excited to announce the launch of its latest event app feature: Session Recommendations. By leveraging its exclusive backend data platform to analyze dozens of parameters and usage patterns, the app can now generate customized session suggestions for every attendee. While still respecting the crucial boundaries of users’ private information, the Attendify platform is able to take a look at how registered guests interact with the event app to predict future content that might be of interest. And the more the app is used, the better the recommendations become. “The feature is fed as data is cultivated,” Balyasny says.

How Session Recommendations work

While Attendify’s Session Recommendations feature is backed by some pretty mind-blowing technology, using it is almost effortless. Event organizers can set it up from their app’s administrative backend in two simple steps once their event is published and sessions are added to the agenda. Administrators then have the option of specifying specific groups of attendees that should not receive recommendations, or specific sessions that should not be shown as recommendations. Don’t want to utilize the feature at all? No problem; just disable it with the switch of a button.

It’s easy for attendees to find their Session Recommendations in an app’s event agenda: They simply click on a session, and recommendations are included in the description. If they don’t agree with the recommendation, they can offer feedback that helps the platform learn why it’s not relevant. Remember, the more a user interacts with the app, the more accurate future suggestions will be.

The catch? There isn’t one. The feature comes standard with either the Attendify container app or branded app.

Personalizing events with curated content

Session recommendations are just another way leading event technology vendors are dedicated to empowering both event professionals and attendees.

“Event apps can significantly support event personalization by helping attendees feel like the event has been curated just for them,” reads the 2019 Global Meetings and Events Forecast from American Express Meetings & Events. “Bespoke agendas [ensure] that delegates can… make the best use of their time at an event.”

It’s time to take a proactive approach to serving up relevant event content on demand. Rest assured, your attendees will step into your world to thank you.

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