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Use Attendify Social Ads for Maximum Sponsor ROI

For event planners and organizers, ensuring sponsors get a good return on investment is a top priority. The Attendify App is designed to help planners drive leads and engagements for sponsors. Previously, most event apps offered monetization through banner ads, and while banners can put your sponsor’s brand in front of attendees, they’re also disruptive to the user experience. We took a different approach and created a social ad experience that blends naturally with the content attendees are already sharing in your social app for a more personal experience.

Attendify social ads give event planners the ability to create “sponsored posts” in your app’s social timeline and are designed to promote engagement and generate leads in a natural, organic way without disrupting the user experience. The Attendify App offers 6 distinct types of posts, let’s take a look:

App Download – Direct attendees to a mobile app that’s available in the App Store or Google Play and have attendees download it directly.

Helpful Tip – When Attendees open up the App, you have the ability to feature a splash screen while the app loads. This is great real estate for a VIP or app sponsor to have their logo featured.

Gallery – If your sponsor has a new product introduction, or wants to share any visual experience with attendees you can create a photo gallery right on the timeline.

eCommerce – If your sponsors have a special discount code or offer for attendees you can help them promote it right through the app and enable attendees to take action on the offer right away.

Sponsored Session – If you offer your sponsors speaking slots at the event, or want to promote one of your sessions you can publish a Sponsored Session post and feature it right on your app’s timeline.

Creating, Managing & Measuring Social Ads
Creating a social ad (also called a sponsored post) is a breeze and takes just seconds. You have full control over the way the add appears, how often it’s displayed, and what the action button on the ad does. Event planners have full control over every aspect of the ad platform and if you change your mind after publishing a sponsored post to the timeline you can always edit and update the post instantly.
Attendify also gives you full access to reporting and analytics showing you how often sponsored posts were viewed, how many actions were taken, which attendees took action (leads), as well as the ability to share reports with individual sponsors and export data.

Do you have any more ideas on how to feature sponsors? Let us know! If you need further assistance with featuring sponsors on your event app, you can contact our support team at

About Attendify
Attendify is the only event technology company that helps you build deeper relationships at your events. Unlike other event apps, Attendify helps you create your event app quickly and easily, manage and update your app effortlessly, get real-time feedback and analytics, demonstrate success and ROI. In addition, Attendify offers the first and only Social Lead Retrieval system, an automated website builder and deep event analytics that marketers can use to generate more customers and revenue. Create your app now.

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