Social ads are here! Monetize your app & drive engagement for your sponsors

Making sponsors happy and ensuring they get a good return on investment is at the top of every event planner’s to-do list. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our Social Ad platform, designed to help planners drive leads and engagement for sponsors.

Until now, most event apps have offered monetization through banner ads, and while banners can put your sponsor’s brand in front of attendees, they’re also disruptive to user experience. We wanted to take a different approach and create a social ad experience that blends naturally with the content attendees are already sharing in your social app for a more personal experience…

Social Ads are here!

The new Social Ad Platform gives event planners the ability to create “sponsored posts” your app’s social timeline and are designed to promote engagement and generate leads. We’re launching Social Ads with 6 distinct types of posts:

  1. App Download – Direct attendees to a mobile app that’s available in the App Store or Google Play and have attendees download it directly.
  2. Document Download – Promote an eBook, white paper, brochure or any other document that your sponsors want to share with attendees. Documents are downloaded directly through the app and available to save or share.
  3. eCommerce – If your sponsors have a special discount code or offer for attendees you can help them promote it right through the app and enable attendees to take action on the offer right away.
  4. Gallery – If your sponsor has a new product introduction, or wants to share any visual experience with attendees you can create a photo gallery right on the timeline. The gallery post also includes an action button so attendees can be directed to any website.
  5. Sponsored Session – If you offer your sponsors speaking slots at the event, or want to promote one of your sessions you can publish a Sponsored Session post and feature it right on your app’s timeline.
  6. Banner – For promotions that don’t fit any of the other story types you can create a “Banner,” the most flexible format. Add any promotional image and create a custom action button to promote almost anything.
To see a details about ad types and see examples visit the Social Ads page on our website:
Creating, Managing & Measuring Social Ads:
Creating a social ad (also called a sponsored post) is a breeze and takes just seconds. You have full control over the way the add appears, how often its displayed, and what the action button on the ad does. Event planners have full control over every aspect of the ad platform and if you change your mind after publishing a sponsored post to the timeline you can always edit and update the post instantly.
Attendify also gives you full access to reporting and analytics showing you how often sponsored posts were viewed, how many actions were taken, which attendees took action (leads), as well as the ability to share reports with individual sponsors and export data.
Let us know what you think in the comments or email us directly: Can’t wait to see all the great sponsored posts you and your sponsors create!
– Team Attendify